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More Roof Ideas

Roofs are BeckyB’s June Square Photo Challenge prompt, and I’m using a broad interpretation of roofs for my pictures. For instance, head scarfs, hats or crowns, umbrellas, and of course, traditional roofs we consider overhead protection. See other square roof pictures at                     Advertisements

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I’ll See You In My Dreams

Is this an ending or a beginning, or both? Waving goodbye to family members backing out of my driveway, I felt the tension and relief ooze from my shoulders and back. Must be the way that last dollop of toothpaste feels when it’s squeezed from a rolled and twisted tube. Starting with the death of… Continue reading I’ll See You In My Dreams

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Up, Up, and Away–Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Early this morning under a grey and cloudy sky I saw this colorful balloon rising over my casita. Seems like a good Which Way picture for Cee’s blog post. See more of them at  

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A Rose is a Rose-Cee’s Flower of the Day

I snapped this pic of a rose earlier this week as I strolled the streets of San Miguel. Stroll over to Cee’s photography for more flower photos.

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Tracks Through Town–CBWPC, Tracks or Trains

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge calls for pictures of trains or tracks. Here are a few photos of the tracks running through La Grange, TX, except for the last one…not tracks, but it does have to do with trains. Take a peak at other black and white images at The tracks run in… Continue reading Tracks Through Town–CBWPC, Tracks or Trains

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Roofs or Hats?

I’m taking the theme of ‘roofs’ to a new extreme by saying that hats, caps, scarfs, and other items placed on the head, could be considered ‘roofs’. I know I’m stretching the point, but I thought we could expand the definition a tad. See more unique shots of roofs at          … Continue reading Roofs or Hats?