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Reality Is Scary

I have been living in a world draped with illusion that allows me to believe in a non-reality. And I had a slap in the face awakening this week about how wrong I have been. This wake-up revelation had to do with my erroneous belief that reason would win over emotion, that my beliefs would… Continue reading Reality Is Scary

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Dog Walking is a Challenge

Walking my dogs is more than a little challenging in San Miguel, it is downright dangerous if you are half crippled and have canines that do not understand the word ‘heel’. Taking these two on a trip around town is called ‘insanity’ in the world of humans, but it is known as ‘pee on every… Continue reading Dog Walking is a Challenge


Writing Laryngitis

Have you noticed the ‘little voice’ has been almost silent the past few months? The voice has been less than little, it has been virtually non-existent. I’ll call it writing laryngitis, rather than laziness, it sounds so much more exotic. The truth is this busted knee has occupied my time, my mind and my emotions… Continue reading Writing Laryngitis

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Pink in the Fall? FOTD

Cee’s Flower of the Day Photo Challenge prompt is leaf, but I found this fall flower that grows wild here in the central mountains of Mexico and decided to share it today. I believe they are called Clovis, but there is a strong possibility that is not correct, so don’t hold me to that. Hope… Continue reading Pink in the Fall? FOTD

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Brazenly Bronze Photo Challenge Prompt

I found these bronze statues in San Miguel, but couldn’t find the sculpturer’s name. The first three are located in front of a trade school, and the last picture is at the entrance of the Live Aqua Hotel. See more of Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge contributions with the prompt of Brazenly Bronze at  … Continue reading Brazenly Bronze Photo Challenge Prompt

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Norm’s Thursday Doors–Elegant Door

This door has intrigued me for several years because it leads no where, except to possibilities. It serves as a decorative piece in a hotel lobby in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and it is beautiful. Where it came from, how old it is, some historical tidbits, I do not know, but the dark turquoise… Continue reading Norm’s Thursday Doors–Elegant Door