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Norm’s Thursday Doors

Love this door and the way it faces at a corner giving it an unusual appeal. Found it on a walk in a new neighborhood I hadn’t explored before. See more Thursday Door pictures at

Trents World Blog

Innocent? No. Cute? Yes.

These two look innocent enough after yesterday’s shenanigans with toilet paper and body parts. Even though I was ready to disown them, once they settled down and went to sleep in my lap, I couldn’t stop smiling. They are two lovable boys. See more weekly smile photos at Trents World Blog at

Cee Flower A Day Photo Challenge · flowers · San Miguel


It looks like spring in San Miguel because the flowers are blooming, and not just at the flower show and sale. Colors, types, sizes are varied but prolific here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. See more Flowers of the Day in Cee’s daily photo challenge at    

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Snowfall and Body Parts

It started with a snowstorm in my house. All over the bed, covering the living room floor, even on the patio. Soft, fluffy white flakes piled high. Then came the body parts. Under the coffee table, on the sofa, under the covers, on the kitchen floor, and tucked away behind the toilet. Every few days… Continue reading Snowfall and Body Parts

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Flowers of the Day

I love Cee’s Flower of the Day Photo Challenge because I get to post pictures of flowers I find all over San Miguel. Thanks, Cee. See more at


The Rose on Valentine’s Day

A small chapel, a small gathering, a large love. it was the early evening of Valentine’s Day, and the man and woman greeted the group of family and friends as they entered the church, thanking them for coming, and sharing their excitement about this next step. No one was surprised that the couple had made… Continue reading The Rose on Valentine’s Day

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Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge

This looks like a Valentine doorway, but I couldn’t find the owner to ask. The lips were a clue, but then I saw the hands and ear and the eye, so maybe that means my entire body is yours. Who knows? But I thought it was a festive entryway. See more at Norm’s Thursday Door… Continue reading Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge