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OOPS Goes to a Whole New Level…

This has been a week when we keep thinking ‘can things get worse?’, and for some people they have had worse days. Reblogging this from

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Ain’t Snow Wonderful?

With all the snowfalls in the past few weeks, people are talking fondly about going skiing. But me? I just shudder with dread at the thought. You see, my last experience on the slopes was memorable—exciting and memorable. It was Christmas Eve, on the slopes overlooking beautiful Lake Tahoe, my first trip down the mountain,… Continue reading Ain’t Snow Wonderful?

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I’m All In for Cheap Thrills

Every day I learn something that may not be terribly important, but I can at least say I picked up something new, thus making my time here on earth a bit more interesting. For instance, while travelling recently with a friend, we had a bit of excitement…actually two bits of excitement. The first one was when… Continue reading I’m All In for Cheap Thrills

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Jake Brewer 1981-2015

Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:
The one defining commonality of the human species is that we love our children. So much so, that sometimes, that love is a vulnerability that is so intense, it can take our breath away. Would we do anything to protect them? That goes without saying. Can our…

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Crutches Aren’t For Everyone.

Friends were recently talking about their eagerness for winter so they could go skiing, hitting the slopes with fresh snow and plowing through virgin powder. I just shuddered. You see, my last experience on the slopes was memorable—unpleasant, but memorable. It was Christmas Eve, my first trip down the mountain, feeling invincible with fresh snow… Continue reading Crutches Aren’t For Everyone.