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Square Perspectives of Skies and FOTD Bonanza

The world sees the sky in different perspectives so here are pictures how various objects, animals, people see the sky. I’ve combined Second Wind Leisure’s Sunday Stills prompt of sky and Becky B of Winchester’s prompt of square perspectives and then threw in Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt to make this a triple challenge… Continue reading Square Perspectives of Skies and FOTD Bonanza

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A ‘Golden’ Square Daily Photo Challenge

Today you get 2 in one with this picture for 2 challenges: Square Daily Photo Challenge at and Travel with Intent prompt of Golden at Check out both blogs to some really neat photos.

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Photo Challenge in Pinks

Becky of Winchester has selected Pink as the September Squares photo challenge and admittedly,I realized most of my pink pictures are of flowers. But, after much searching, I found other pink objects to share. See what others have designated as pink in their photographs.                    … Continue reading Photo Challenge in Pinks

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More Roof Ideas

Roofs are BeckyB’s June Square Photo Challenge prompt, and I’m using a broad interpretation of roofs for my pictures. For instance, head scarfs, hats or crowns, umbrellas, and of course, traditional roofs we consider overhead protection. See other square roof pictures at                    

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Roofs or Hats?

I’m taking the theme of ‘roofs’ to a new extreme by saying that hats, caps, scarfs, and other items placed on the head, could be considered ‘roofs’. I know I’m stretching the point, but I thought we could expand the definition a tad. See more unique shots of roofs at          … Continue reading Roofs or Hats?

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Umbrellas = Roofs?

More Roof pictures for BeckyB’s June Roof or Rooves photo challenge. I broadened my view of roofs to include umbrellas, which serve the same purpose as roofs…sheltering us. See more clever ideas about roofs at  

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Chinese Rooflines

BeckyB’s June challenge is all about roofs, and I found these roofs in China some years ago.I liked the graceful slopes in the first shot, and the amazing intricacies in the next two rooves, as some would call them. See many more great roof photographs at Stay tuned…more to come.

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Roofs for all Occasions–June Challenge

Continuing with my contributions to Becky B’s June challenge seeking pictures of roofs, here are a couple taken in south-central Texas. See more creative pictures at Merrill Photo a Week, , rainbows, photographs, manmade, natural light, dark, diffused, direct, see/06/01/june-roof-square/ A fire destroyed this home in La Grange, Texas and the damage not only to… Continue reading Roofs for all Occasions–June Challenge

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Neighbors with Different Roofs

Becky B of Winchester’s The Life of B Challenge for June is for pictures of roofs or rooves, and I was surprised to find a few pictures for the prompt in my archives. Check out other contributions at I thought this an interesting decoration on a roof in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I’m a bit… Continue reading Neighbors with Different Roofs