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A Cupcake and a Candle

Today is my birthday and my watch was the first to send me a Happy Birthday message. I expect to get phone calls from my sister, from the kids, from some friends, and probably a lot of Happy Birthday wishes from people known and unknown on Facebook. I’ll be delighted to hear from all of… Continue reading A Cupcake and a Candle

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77 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! Yes, this week I celebrated my 77thyear out of the womb. Where have the years gone? How did I get this old? When did it happen? Now what? Yesterday I was 42. Last week I was in high school. Tomorrow I’ll be on my way to 78.… Continue reading 77 Years Old Today

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Uncelebrated Birthdays

Birthdays. I wonder why we celebrate them. To remember the day a person was born? To acknowledge another year of life? To breathe a sigh of relief that we are still here? To eat ice cream and cake free of guilt? Perhaps all of those things, or it could be we just want an excuse… Continue reading Uncelebrated Birthdays

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101 Years Ago Today

August is the birthday month for my two sisters and both my parents, and this, the last one, celebrates my Dad’s birth date, August 20, 1917.  Business was the main course at our dinner table, humor the dessert, and both were served generously at meal times. Dad was the purveyor of the laughter, helped along… Continue reading 101 Years Ago Today

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My ‘Little’ Sister’s Birthday

Having my sister, Paula around creates new mental excursions for me. She challenges the status quo of ideas and norms, thus shoving me into territories I’ve neither explored nor fancied. Her mind ranges far, her beliefs ring strangely. I’ve not ventured along paths she wanders until those tracks become superhighways traversed by the masses. By… Continue reading My ‘Little’ Sister’s Birthday

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Happy Birthday Betty Belle

August is the birthday month for my two sisters and both my parents, so I’m going to write about each one on the day they entered this lifetime.   My mother would be 98 today if she hadn’t died 14 years ago. She is, this is my guess, glad she didn’t live any longer since… Continue reading Happy Birthday Betty Belle

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A Month of Birthdays

August is the birthday month for my two sisters and both my parents, so I’m going to write about each one of them during the next 20 days. She’s my older sibling, 4 years my senior, and I don’t know her. The last time we talked was at our dad’s funeral 13 plus years ago,… Continue reading A Month of Birthdays

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Little Sister’s Birthday

My little sister is 74 today. At that age you wouldn’t think I would continue calling her my ‘little’ sis, but I guess she will always have that title. Understand, she is taller by several inches than I. She is smarter by more than several IQ points than I. She is more adventurous than I.… Continue reading Little Sister’s Birthday

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Lots of August Lions to Celebrate

August is birthday month in our family. Four of the five of us celebrated the passing of another year in the eighth month of each year. Being the lone one out, I was very aware at an early age of the clashing forces within the walls of our home. When you have four Leo the… Continue reading Lots of August Lions to Celebrate

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Ups and Downs…and Birthdays

I’m a bit tired of all the writings about the ending of one year and the beginning of another. So I’m thinking I’ll just skip over this calendar flip and talk about something likewise inane. Such as my upcoming 75th birthday. The big…or small…day is a few months away but I’ve been thinking about whether… Continue reading Ups and Downs…and Birthdays