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Who Me Aging? Nah!

I read recently that lots of things begin to diminish as we age. Duh! No kidding? Hard to believe, isn’t it? If you are over 50 you probably have noticed staying upright is a challenge, your hearing needs amping up, your eyesight is dimming, processing information takes a bit longer than it did just a… Continue reading Who Me Aging? Nah!

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Be Thankful for Your Aging Brain

Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:
Since the annual Christmas Monster that Swallowed the Western World now hits stores on the day after Halloween, Thanksgiving, with no costumes and no presents,  has been largely ignored. For that reason, as the holiday is fast approaching, you may have given no thought to what you…

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The Brain–My Most Important Full Time Employee

Jack Speer with Delta Inc. wrote this piece on his blog, and I thought it was brillant. Such a wonderful perspective on our brain. Think you will enjoy it. By Jack Speer On October 12, 2015 ·  In Defining the Way Forward My brain is the most important full-time employee that I have working for me.… Continue reading The Brain–My Most Important Full Time Employee