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St. Michael’s Feast is SMA’s Home Grown Festival

I’m a bit late with my word prompt entry sponsored by Eugenia’s Brew n’ Spew Cafe, but this week’s celebrations in San Miguel seemed to fit the topic: Festive. See more entries for the prompt at   Mexicans do know how to party, and they are eager to take to the streets, parks, and… Continue reading St. Michael’s Feast is SMA’s Home Grown Festival

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Graffiti in San Miguel

This week’s prompt for Brew n Spew Cafe is graffiti and I can’t say for certain that these examples fit the definition: (Word prompt – graffiti – (noun) – usually unauthorized writing or drawing on a public surface.) because the artist may have been granted permission to draw. But they are all on public surfaces so perhaps… Continue reading Graffiti in San Miguel