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When Does It End?

Unseen personalities emerge in isolation: snarky comments, weepy days, temper tantrums, anxiety attacks, impatient outbursts, sleepless nights, fearful fits, cabin fever, and the list goes on. Will those traits remain after we reenter the world of hugs and co-mingling? How long will we be hesitant to have a drink with friends, visit someone’s home, share… Continue reading When Does It End?

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What’s Next?

What’s next? This question came up in a recent Zoom discussion I had with friends causing me to wonder about how I want my life to be when the pandemic is over. What do I miss, and will I be able to go back to doing what I liked before this self-isolating began? One of… Continue reading What’s Next?

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Musings About Changes

I raced to the kitchen, knowing what would be waiting for my 10-year-old fingers to eagerly grab. I knew because I could smell real butter, double-sifted flour, and fresh apples melting and blending as grandmother opened the door on the wood-fired stove to remove the perfect pie. It wasn’t the pie that held my attention,… Continue reading Musings About Changes

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A to Z Challenge-Life in My 70s

  Life in my 70s is my theme for the April A2Z Challenge. I may write daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes me…that’s part of life in your 70s…you get to choose. “Most people don’t grow up. It’s too damn difficult. What happens is most people get older.” — Maya Angelou, The Art of… Continue reading A to Z Challenge-Life in My 70s