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Character..or Lack of

This is my response to the prompt challenge of a recent Weekly Prompts word of Character. Check out more responses at This Weekly Prompt topic has challenged me, forcing me to look at a word seldom if ever tripping over my lips. And that word is Character. I would consider myself a character, but do… Continue reading Character..or Lack of

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Who are These Masked Characters?

I’m never sure why a parade is held in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, but on almost any given weekend, somewhere in town you can find a band, participants of all ages, and lots of viewers enjoying a celebration. Here are some pictures of one of the parades held last week that included colorful costumes,… Continue reading Who are These Masked Characters?

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But Baby Its Cold Outside

The first blast of winter always reminds me of delivering papers in my youth. My folks owned the paper in Littlefield, TX and the Sunday issue was delivered by me and my two sisters. The Thursday edition was mailed, but since child labor was cheaper than postal rates, and my parents wanted the paper on people’s doorsteps before… Continue reading But Baby Its Cold Outside