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My Next Dog will be My Age

I wrote this post just before Chico was ripped from my life a week ago, and I had no idea I would be facing the prospect of acquiring another canine companion. I changed the perspective to past tense to fit the current situation. A friend wrote after reading my column about the new intrusion in… Continue reading My Next Dog will be My Age

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Farewell Chico

Until Saturday morning I had never been accused of stealing a doglet or threatened with jail. And who would find stalking me an exciting endeavor? It was a day filled with ‘firsts’. Several weeks ago a friend called remembering my musings about wanting a canine companion.  “I know of a puppy you might want,” she… Continue reading Farewell Chico

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Please Ignore Chico’s Plea–Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

I caught Chico, my 3 month old doglet, sending out emails today. He is not in jail in Mexico and does not need bail money, so just ignore his pleading request. This is my contribution to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. See more at      

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A new boy in my life

A new boy is in my life. To be clear, no old boy is being replaced, in case you were wondering. This youngster is challenging my tranquility and consumes way, way, way more time than I had anticipated. Babies demand constant oversight, and at 76 my attention span is not what it once was, to… Continue reading A new boy in my life