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Annual (and Less than Inspired) Christmas Letter

Hello Folks, This is my ‘catch you up on what’s happening in my life’ review for 2019, boring as it may be. But, hey, I need to write a column, I need to post a blog, and I need to assure people who have sent me messages throughout the year (and who I have not… Continue reading Annual (and Less than Inspired) Christmas Letter

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Christmas Past

Oh, the wonders of Christmas Past. Images from Christmases of my youth are indelibly imprinted in my memory evoking emotions of fun, joy, and surprise. I was a lucky kid. I don’t recall any family disputes or even tensions associated with this magical holiday. Surely some existed, but I was oblivious to any of them.… Continue reading Christmas Past

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Cee’s FOTD

For some reason this plant and flower reminded me of Christmas, must be the season. Anyway, here is my contribution to Cee’s Flower of the Day Photo Challenge for today. See much more at Well, it does look like a Christmas tree.

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It’s Buying Time: Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to town. Yes, we can now start singing along with the Yuletide tunes playing over every store speaker. In fact, some retailers are brazen enough to blast it across acres of parking lots, getting us ready to open our wallets for traditional gift buying. Admittedly, I like to shop, and there… Continue reading It’s Buying Time: Christmas

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Round Up of 2018

Christmas cards aren’t part of my year-end routine…in fact they aren’t part of any time of the year routine for me. But, my half-sister, herself a blogger and columnist, sent out her annual ‘letter’ and I liked the format so I decided to follow her example. Trust me, this will be brief (11 paragraphs), and… Continue reading Round Up of 2018

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Name These Carols

Christmas Carols From B.O.B. DECEMBER 23, 2018 ~ MELANIE B CEE Reblogged from Can you name these common carols? 1. Palestinian municipality of unimpressive size 2. Seraphic beings originating from a celestial location 3. I espied a trio of seagoing vessels 4. Somewhere sort of distant, in a feed box 5. Spruce up the gathering… Continue reading Name These Carols

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We Who Have. The Haves and Have Nots

The hushed darkness slowly comes alive as candles, one-by-one, are lighted spreading a soft glow throughout the sanctuary. ‘Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright…” Voices raised in unison, honoring the birth of a child who after 2000 years continues to be a beacon of love and hope to millions of Christians.… Continue reading We Who Have. The Haves and Have Nots

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Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Is There a Santa Claus? In 1897 a young girl asked the question of the New York Sun: Is There A Santa Claus? The newspaper’s reply came in an editorial written by Francis P. Church, a Sun editor and former Civil War correspondent. It became the most reprinted editorial in the English language.  In today’s… Continue reading Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

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Signs of Christmas Stress

Yes, it is Christmas time and the stress can get to be tooooo much! This shop owner left a message taped to the door. “Back in 5 minutes”, it read…and that was 3 days ago. The SHOP sign can still be read, if you have dyslexia or an upside down mirror. See more great doors… Continue reading Signs of Christmas Stress

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Christmas Away From Home

It all seemed unreal.  I was the only occupant in a multi-story hotel, being accompanied to my room by a cheerful young man who seemed delighted to have someone to help. Our steps echoed in the empty hall, and along with my trepidation I was acutely aware that this was the weirdest Christmas Eve I had ever… Continue reading Christmas Away From Home