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Gardenwalk–Who’s There?

I’ve said many times that I am dangerous on the Internet. And almost daily I prove it once more. The latest fiasco I have created is setting up a Nextdoor Gardenwalk account. This is a new social media venue so folks can stay in touch with neighbors…if they are so inclined. Don’t ask how I happened into… Continue reading Gardenwalk–Who’s There?

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Daily Prompts–Complicated

Don’t you just hate it when life gets all tangled up and you can’t do A until you do B, and you can’t do B until you do C, and you can’t do C until you do A? And then you wonder why you even wanted to do A in the first place. It’s all… Continue reading Daily Prompts–Complicated

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Time Change Confusion

My doglets don’t ‘get’ time change patterns. Food time is the same whether we turn our clocks forward or backward. They think they should be fed twice a day at exactly the same time. Change the clock however often you want…their 12 hour eating schedule remains the same. So depending on whether we are leaving… Continue reading Time Change Confusion

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Passion Or Enthusiasm?

I wonder how much passion I have. Enthusiasm? Yes. Passion? I dunno. So, how much enthusiasm does one need to be passionate? And what are the differences in the two words or¬†emotions? Off I went to Merriam-Webster Dictionary¬†to figure out if I’m passionate or enthusiastic or a bit of both. Turns out, they really have… Continue reading Passion Or Enthusiasm?