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Do What?

It is a good thing that embarrassing comments and actions don’t happen often. If I had too many such incidents my life would have ended decades ago. But since the Daily Word challenged us to write on the prompt word ‘Embarrassing’, I decided to open the “Oh my gosh! Did I really say that?” closet… Continue reading Do What?

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Play? How Do I Do That?

I know very little about playfulness, and I think it is because there are no grandchildren running around my house. Kids, especially the ones removed from our constant supervision, open us to play. They know how to have fun without planning or structure. They are hardwired to explore, discover, create, laugh, cry, run, experiment, question.… Continue reading Play? How Do I Do That?

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Curves Offer the Spice in Life

When I think of a curve, I think of a road winding up a mountain. Not just A curve, but a series of curves; plural vs. singular. My life is and has been a journey of curves, most of them not intended. Not one bend in the road, but a bunch of turns and twists… Continue reading Curves Offer the Spice in Life

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Solitude Is Necessary

Solitude is intriguing. It nourishes me, it drains me, it demands from me, and it leads me to interaction. I’ve spent most of my life not participating in any activity that was solitude in nature. I wanted people around me. I wanted activity and interaction, and lots of it. But I’m becoming accustomed to my alone… Continue reading Solitude Is Necessary

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Where Did My Giggles Go?

I hear the 2 little girls across the street playing in their backyard, innocently giggling not knowing anyone is listening. And I wonder,” when did I quit giggling?” Was I 5? No, I remember climbing atop our garage to catch my older sister smoking when I was 5. I thought it was  funny when I saw her inhale… Continue reading Where Did My Giggles Go?

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Am I Superstitious? Not Me!

Superstitions. How do they get started? Why do they persist? Are they of value? And do I really believe any of them? I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but recently I caught myself reacting to one I learned as a child: don’t walk under a ladder. Now at 74, one would… Continue reading Am I Superstitious? Not Me!

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Help, Let Me Count the Ways

Dailypost.wordpress.com Today’s Daily Prompt is ‘Help’. I yell it when I’m desperate:  ‘HELP!!’ I whisper it with relief when someone steps up: “Sigh”.   I reject it when my ego is bruised: “Go away.”   I yearn for it when I hurt: “Hold me.”   I offer it: “I’m here.”   I embrace it always: “Thank… Continue reading Help, Let Me Count the Ways

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Daily Post Photo Challenge–Harmony

Harmony is the photo challenge for this week from the Daily Post, and there is a natural harmony between day and night. As one arrives the other gradually vanishes, but not before gracing us with a spectacular reminder of where we have been, and perhaps a peek at where we are going: light to dark and dark to… Continue reading Daily Post Photo Challenge–Harmony