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Daily Photo Challenge–Face in a Crowd

During a trip to China,I found crowds were a common sight. And the faces I saw were happy, busy people celebrating holidays, every day, family, and fun. See more great pictures at

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Growing Up Fast–WDP Growth

Growth is the WordPress Daily Post prompt and I decided to feature a group of photos I took in June. The series began when I noticed a bird nest near my back door with a parent feeding a new baby on June 7. The final picture was taken just before the first baby took off… Continue reading Growing Up Fast–WDP Growth

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Cowboys and Chuck Wagons–Nostalgia

What says Cowboys more than a chuck wagon? It was the center of a cattle drive. The hearth where the cowhands gathered for nourishment and camaraderie. Where the cook reigned supreme; tolerating no complaints and certainly no horses near his fire. Carefully arranged to the cook’s exact liking, not to be messed with or invaded. The chuck… Continue reading Cowboys and Chuck Wagons–Nostalgia

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Who Hears the Silence?

Is there silence resting with these stones? Or do the voices go unheard? Do the spirits speak: explaining, exclaiming, lamenting, rejoicing? But we hear nothing but the silence. Waiting our time to join earlier travelers. Will we too murmur into the quietness? But no one hears but the silence?

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Where’s the Demand for Sidewalks?

Sidewalks. Most towns have them, and at one time most residents insisted on them. But, maybe that was before people stopped walking to and from place to place, and instead get in their cars to drive 3 blocks to the grocery store. Sidewalks were considered a necessity in early day America since walking in the streets was a muddy,… Continue reading Where’s the Demand for Sidewalks?

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Mirror, Mirror…

Today’s Daily Post prompt is Mirror, and I found this reflection quite a nice mirror. The morning mist softens this mirror image. These foggy shots make me want to wipe the steam off my bathroom mirror after a hot shower to clear the mirror image.            

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Howling At the Moon?

Do dogs really  howl at the moon?   I can tell you the doglets that inhabit my house don’t seem to have that habit, and I just wonder if any canines speak to the sky on any regular basis. Now maybe you have some rare breed that is genetically engineered to take up conversations with… Continue reading Howling At the Moon?

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Daily Post–Portraits

This portrait was taken during a visit to China, and I found this gentleman intriguing because of his intensity.                                                                 He watches…intently.

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Weekly Photo Challenge–Spare are various definitions of the word ‘Spare’, and what comes to my mind is ‘extra’, as in a spare tire, spare tools, spare bedrooms. Here are pictures of my spare bedrooms, just waiting on paying and non-paying guests…clean sheets and all. Spare 1 Spare 2