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Shadowy Figures Guard the Dawn

Shadowy Figures Guard the Dawn This is my contribution to Debbie’s Travel with Intent Six Word Challenge to title the pictures below. See more at https://travelwithintent.com/2019/01/12/london-ride-with-me-to-trafalgar-square-equestrian-nelson-column/ George IV and Nelson’s Column,  Trafalgar Square,  London,  January 2019

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Traces of the Past

My contributions to Traces of the Past Photo Challenge were taken in England, but I can’t tell you what buildings they are. I walked around London for several days, in awe of all aspects of the city, taking pictures, but not recording what I was photographing. The last picture is in Venice, Italy, and is… Continue reading Traces of the Past

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Which Way? Across Or Around?

Cee Which Way Photo Challenge contributions this week are from my trip to London several years ago. The famous bridge is all about transportation, on land and water, and the ferris wheel offers various which way views. Enjoy and see more at https://ceenphotography.com/2017/06/23/cees-which-way-photo-challenge-june-23-2017/                          … Continue reading Which Way? Across Or Around?

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Monday Windows

I’m a day late for the first picture as part of the Monday Windows, but I decided to ignore the fact that Halloween is in the rearview mirror. The other pictures were taken in England at a castle that I’m certain is important…but alas, I don’t remember which one. Please, someone across the pond enlighten me.… Continue reading Monday Windows

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Thursday Doors

These pictures have more to do with the entry/pathway to the doors, than to the actual doors. I found them while roaming the streets in London, and I wanted to just go right up the steps and knock on the doors. Enjoy. https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/thursday-doors-september-22-2016/

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WordPress Photo Challenge–Partners

Stonehenge: They stand together…partners in an unknown story…guarding their secrets united in their purpose. And these two partners also guard, but not secrets. They are united in surveying their territory; united in their alertness to possible threats. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/partners/