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Feathery Friends for Sunday Stills

Second Wind Leisure’s Sunday Stills features prompts of furry and feathered friends. I don’t claim that any of these feathered folks are friends, but they made their way into my life last year, and I was able to catch pictures of them. Check out other great Sunday Stills at https://secondwindleisure.com/2018/06/03/sunday-stills-furry-and-feathered-friends/ This guy didn’t seem to be… Continue reading Feathery Friends for Sunday Stills

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Birds of a Feather…

Feather is the prompt for this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and this stately feather-bearer caught my eye.                                              https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/59080076/posts/19423

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Tuesdays of Texture

Tuesdays of Texture is a blog featuring photos of various textures, and this picture of new-born birdlets in their mud nest shows lots of textures. The straw, leaves, mud, feathery bird downy, and white beaks ready for nourishment provide an interesting combination of textures. Check our other creative texture photographs in the blog below. https://narami.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/tuesdays-of-texture-week-33-of-2016-3/