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Weekly prompts–Flu Shots

Oh, the old flu shots. An annual ritual guaranteed to stiffen your arm or put a hitch in your get-along if you dropped your drawers for a hip injection. I usually get the shot in my arm, and even when I don’t feel the prick of the needle by the next morning it is difficult… Continue reading Weekly prompts–Flu Shots

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Sick, Ill, Flu, Under The Weather?

Yep, I’m slowly recovering from what I’m guessing is a heavy dose of the flu. That means I’ve been feeling sick, ill, not well, or as some would say, I’m feeling ‘under the weather’. Now exactly what does that mean? ‘Under the weather’? Really? I have to wonder where that term originated. I’ve been conjuring up mental images of what… Continue reading Sick, Ill, Flu, Under The Weather?