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5 Courses and 3 hours

“Is this all there is?” my sister asked as she looked at the plate that had been placed in front of her. “There is more to come,” I assured her. And indeed there was, in slow, agonizing courses. To say we weren’t exposed to fancy meals or menus during our lifetime would be an understatement… Continue reading 5 Courses and 3 hours

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Tis The Season of Foodie Guilt

It’s over. I’m stuffed. And I’ve locked the self-inflicted sense of guilt in a box hidden in a recesses of my mind only to be unlatched in just a few days. Yes, the unsupervised self-indulgence of holiday eating gets kicked into high gear when I prance into the season’s first open house and partake of… Continue reading Tis The Season of Foodie Guilt

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Give Me a Cook!

I had forgotten how nice it is to have someone in your house who cooks. Relatives are visiting and she actually knows how to turn the oven on and how to adjust the burners. Sounds simple enough, but when you haven’t operated something very often, the exact sequence of what to do next can be… Continue reading Give Me a Cook!

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I’ll Be Remembered Because…?

I was recently asked how I will be remembered, and I had to think about just what I will be leaving as a legacy. It was a depressing thought when I realized my main contribution will be a pristine kitchen left to the new home owners. Pristine because I have never used it. This was obviously… Continue reading I’ll Be Remembered Because…?

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I Think I’m Being Trained…by My Doglet!

I have heard of sibling rivalry, in fact, I have participated in a bit of that myself, but I’ve been living with an enhanced version of it for the past week. My sister and her dog are visiting and the two dogs are engaged in a battle to determine which one can eat the most.… Continue reading I Think I’m Being Trained…by My Doglet!

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It Was Just a Cracker!

It was just a cracker. It wasn’t a big deal, until it was. Who would have thought that picking up a cracker from someone’s paper plate would create a scene that small children would be banned from viewing? It never occurred to me that it wasn’t okay to liberate a morsel of food that looked… Continue reading It Was Just a Cracker!