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The Leader is…….

Thus far in my ‘header survey’ the #6 header (see above) leads the voting, but we are early in our poll taking, so don’t despair if this one doesn’t push your feel good buttons. If you want to judge, select, pick, or comment on your fav, just add your voice below and your preference will be counted. Here… Continue reading The Leader is…….

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What Does Failure Look Like?

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse than to never have tried” – Theodore Roosevelt Today’s post is a result of the weekly challenge from My Red Page about the above quote. It seems to me that there is a blurry line between failure and success; a line based on one’s perception… Continue reading What Does Failure Look Like?

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Mother Says…

 I don’t remember spending much time as a youngster talking about the ‘days that were’. Maybe because I hadn’t had many days to recall. As we add years to our frame (usually our frames expand as those years accumulate), we have more stories to tell, more memories to misremember, and fewer friends with whom we… Continue reading Mother Says…

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We are Left Wondering

It’s 9-11, and most Americans are remembering, writing, grieving, crying, or sharing. I too am experiencing the deep despair I felt as I watched the planes hit the twin towers. The images are fresh in my mind, and I continue to wonder how this devastation, this loss in human lives, this raw hatred helps further anyone’s cause.… Continue reading We are Left Wondering