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Happy Birthday, JV

Jack V. Johnson, 1936-2004 Today, February 3, I am celebrating what would be your 80th birthday. There is no cake, no ice cream, no games, no confetti, no family gathering. I’m celebrating with memories: memories of the laughter you inspired, boundaries you protected, kindness you shared. I’m remembering your disdain for orders given.  “You give orders… Continue reading Happy Birthday, JV

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15 Years Ago…

15 years ago today, my husband got a new life, an extension of his life with some changes. 15 years ago today he received a new lung; a healthy, functioning organ donated anonmously by the family of a young man killed in an accident. 15 years ago today he began liking peanut butter. 15 years… Continue reading 15 Years Ago…

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But Baby Its Cold Outside

The first blast of winter always reminds me of delivering papers in my youth. My folks owned the paper in Littlefield, TX and the Sunday issue was delivered by me and my two sisters. The Thursday edition was mailed, but since child labor was cheaper than postal rates, and my parents wanted the paper on people’s doorsteps before… Continue reading But Baby Its Cold Outside

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What Does That Song Mean?

I’m a whistler and a shower singer, so I’ve been interested in the idea that whatever you sing probably has something to do with what’s going on in your life. That may be true, but sometimes I find it hard to correlate my music selections with my desires/wishes/traumas/happenings going on in my life at that… Continue reading What Does That Song Mean?

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Where Are Those Old Friends?

I heard about a surprise birthday party someone had for their spouse and it sounded like a great idea…so I began to think about planning one for a friend who turns 70 soon. The invitees would represent each decade of my friend’s life: his best friend during his first 10 years, his closest buddy during… Continue reading Where Are Those Old Friends?

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Who Are You Again?

Class reunions. They are synonymous with hopeful memories and awful nightmares. I’m heading ‘back home’ in a few days to meet those kids with whom I experienced puberty, Algebra I, yearbook signings, and endless miles of dragging Main. In ‘my day’, the street wasn’t named Main St., but that’s what we called it. ‘Where are… Continue reading Who Are You Again?

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Fav Foto Friday #12 Change of Plans

Just returned from a road trip to North and South Carolina, but turned back after reaching Cumberland Gap because of torrential rains and hurricane warnings. Headed back west until blue skies appeared in Kentucky and Arkansas. The pictures were some taken during that wet and then sunny journey.     Fav Foto Friday #12 URL       … Continue reading Fav Foto Friday #12 Change of Plans

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But I Need That Dickie!

Downsizing is never easy. Downsizing someone else’s lifelong accumulation is exhausting. The saga of relocating my stepmother was heard around the neighborhood with loud cries for mercy, extended longing for items not looked at or remembered for decades, and assurances that the move would end her life. It is heart wrenching to uproot someone from their home… Continue reading But I Need That Dickie!

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The Older the Better?

It takes a bit of age in order to understand some humor. Translation: you have to be old to fully appreciate sentiments expressed by those who came before us. I have hanging in my house a poem in my Grandmother’s handwriting dated 1950 that apparently showed what she was thinking at the time. It reads:… Continue reading The Older the Better?