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Why are We so Afraid?

In the past couple of years, I’ve heard many women comment their political views are 180 degrees different from their spouses, one being far right, one being far left. This leads to the battle of who operates the TV remote control, and who gets to dictate what is watched and when. Often my women friends… Continue reading Why are We so Afraid?

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End of an Era

An era ended this week. My 18-year-old doglet made her final journey to the vet, and drifted out of this lifetime in the arms of my sister. Paula volunteer to be Chili’s carrier for this trip since I’m out of the country. And I am grateful for her offer. Chili, as you may know, was… Continue reading End of an Era

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Are We There Yet?

I would guess my folks wanted to stop the car, open the back door, kicking my sister and me off to the side of the road, and drive on in peaceful aloneness. How many times were they asked that question, and how many times did it go unanswered? The query lingers in my memory, recalling… Continue reading Are We There Yet?

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Are We at the Same Concert?

It is recommended, in fact, urged, for a column writer to have a topic or theme to their musings in order to keep their readers engaged. I fail that test. If you are a regular or random follower of my weekly (irregular) contributions, you know I write about whatever comes to my mind, thus leaving… Continue reading Are We at the Same Concert?

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Whose Way is Better?

It is not only a surprise but also a delight when you run into someone you know while traveling in another city, state or country. Even if San Miguel de Allende in Mexico is one of the more popular cities in the world, it still is shocking and thrilling to bump into hometown folks. That… Continue reading Whose Way is Better?

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Ups and Downs…and Birthdays

I’m a bit tired of all the writings about the ending of one year and the beginning of another. So I’m thinking I’ll just skip over this calendar flip and talk about something likewise inane. Such as my upcoming 75th birthday. The big…or small…day is a few months away but I’ve been thinking about whether… Continue reading Ups and Downs…and Birthdays

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What Have I Created?

I’ve said many times that I am dangerous on the Internet. And almost daily I prove it once more. The latest fiasco I have created is setting up a Nextdoor  Gardenwalk account. This is a new social media venue so folks can stay in touch with neighbors…if they are so inclined. Don’t ask how I happened into… Continue reading What Have I Created?