Enough is Enough

When is enough ‘enough’? I recently read a piece that ended with “I wish you enough.” I couldn’t help but wonder, enough of what? Enough money? Enough love? Enough happiness? Enough sadness? Enough to feel safe? Enough determination? Enough sunshine? Enough what? When do I have enough? When will I feel satisfied? When is my… Continue reading Enough is Enough

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Striving has been my measuring stick. Where to go next? Am I earning enough money? Am I successful? Always running toward. Guilt-filled standing still. Life now flows gently. Unconcerned with accomplishing. Avoiding pressure, allowing spaces to expand into hours sitting, staring, thinking, dozing. Unencumbered with goals but burdered with time.


What They Need to Know

One day I may need people to care for me, and a friend suggested I prepare useful instructions, in case I’m not able to tell them what I like, hate, want, enjoy. Minor things make a difference in whether I am comfortable, irritated, serene, or cranky, so I’ve penned this letter for my future helpers.… Continue reading What They Need to Know

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More 50-Word Musings

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m trying a new challenge of writing a story in 50 words. This is a fun exercise for me. See other 50 word contributions at My New Friend My friend never judges, repeats, argues nor confirms. She listens, protecting secrets whispered through layers of trust. Daily she takes… Continue reading More 50-Word Musings

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50 Word Musings

I’m playing around with writing shorter pieces, just to see if I can, and I found a website called 50 words The challenge is to write a story, essay, musings in 50 words or less. Here are a few of my latest attempts. The look was important, it had to be perfect. Swept up in… Continue reading 50 Word Musings

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Life After Labor Day

Let fall begin. Labor Day marks the end of summer, the beginning of fall, the shelving of white shoes, the shouts of gridiron enthusiasts, and, oh yes, the increase in political mayhem. Or, that was what we folks in the United States expected when the calendar rolled over to September 1 before Covid-19. But life has… Continue reading Life After Labor Day

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Nail Biting: An Art Form

As a kid I had one outstanding talent: Nail Biting. We are talking Major League ability. I could have competed with the world’s most determined nail chewers and held my gnawed tips high with pride. My fingers looked vulnerable: raw, red, rough, exposed. I could never be accused of ignoring my digits, after all, I… Continue reading Nail Biting: An Art Form

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The Cook

He must have known he would cook for me no more. His days of concocting meals, scouting grocery aisles, rolling out dough, perfecting his chili, flipping pancakes, sharpening knives, dirtying every pan in the kitchen were over. He closed his eyes for the last time whispering, “How will you eat?” I laughed and cried.

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2020 Democratic National Convention

I listened to wistful voices I applauded accomplishments I realized challenges I recognized hopes I saw the dreams I cried for losses I watched faces I laughed at the jokes I hoped for the futures I feared inactivity I dreamed of equality I planned my actions I felt the urgency I heard the truth My… Continue reading 2020 Democratic National Convention