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Dog Walking is a Challenge

Walking my dogs is more than a little challenging in San Miguel, it is downright dangerous if you are half crippled and have canines that do not understand the word ‘heel’. Taking these two on a trip around town is called ‘insanity’ in the world of humans, but it is known as ‘pee on every… Continue reading Dog Walking is a Challenge

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Kneecap ‘Kalamity’ Update

It’s been about six weeks since finding myself knee first in the cobbled street of San Miguel de Allende. Since I was walking my dogs, I would love to blame them for the mishap, but in keeping with the spirit of partial truth I’ll admit I stepped off a curb I didn’t know was there.… Continue reading Kneecap ‘Kalamity’ Update

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Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

Dear Grandmother, Why didn’t you tell me your life was hard? Why didn’t you complain about spending years in a wheelchair when you could no longer use your crutches or leg brace to get around? Why didn’t you point out how strong your arms had to be in order to swing from your cane back… Continue reading Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

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Mama Said…

Mama said there would be days like this. Did I misunderstand? Maybe she said ‘weeks like this’, or ‘months like this’. Mentally reviewing mother’s various sayings, she never said that at all, but someone’s mother must have said it some time, after all it is in a song, isn’t it? You are now privy to… Continue reading Mama Said…

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Broken Kneecap Equals Pain, Grumbling and Thumb Sucking

I am no longer 24. Well darn, what a surprise. I’m hobbling, literally, around my casita on crutches after a fall on the streets of San Miguel de Allende. This misstep resulted in a great deal of pain, a massive amount of thumb sucking, my yearly dose of anger, and a broken knee cap. I am… Continue reading Broken Kneecap Equals Pain, Grumbling and Thumb Sucking

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My quick response to the Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt of ‘Goal’.  Read what others have to say about goals at Goals, those overreaching expectations we nurture convinced if we meet those lofty heights, we will find our path, make our mark, gain recognition and/or status, and bank a bunch of bucks. Afterall, that’s the… Continue reading Goals