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Peaceful and Peaceloving New Zealand

Mass killings, white supremacy, hatred, violence, and New Zealand in the same sentence? Impossible. Or so I thought. They can’t be allied in my mind. They are disconnected, words unrelated to each other, yet linked in headlines around the world after this week’s terrible shootings at two Muslim mosques in Christchurch, N.Z. How can bloody… Continue reading Peaceful and Peaceloving New Zealand

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Act Your Age

One of my favorite bloggers, who writes honestly and insightfully about aging, recently noted we glorify older people who are active, those who at 70 or 80 are romping around like 40 year olds. As a society we want old folks to not act like ‘old folks’, but instead run, dive, explore, walk, bike, swim,… Continue reading Act Your Age


February is Over–Finally

Thank goodness another February has passed. I say this annually when the calendar flips to the third month, exposing blank squares with few notations. Like a feather duster, March seizes clumps of sadness and grief and sweeps them into next year. What a relief. We once celebrated all month: his birthday on the 3rd of… Continue reading February is Over–Finally

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Is It Too Late for Apologies?

I have regrets, most of us over the age of 3 probably do. Whether it’s for being unkind to a stranger in junior high, or lying to our parents about sneaking out of the house for a clandestine thrill in high school, or hurting a close friend with an unkind word as an adult, most… Continue reading Is It Too Late for Apologies?

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Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is this week’s Word Prompt so see more at Not to be a spoiler, but in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico cabin fever isn’t in our vocabulary. Visitors and residents spend countless hours outside: working, walking, playing, relaxing, visiting, buying, selling, photographing, living. Part of this ‘under the sun’ lifestyle is due to… Continue reading Cabin Fever

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Balancing on a SeeSaw

Balance is the prompt for the Just Jot It January 25 challenge, and here is my humble contribution on the topic I know little about. See what others said about Balance. There is a good chance they know more than I do about the subject. When I think of Balance, I mentally see a… Continue reading Balancing on a SeeSaw

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Boundaries. I never thought much about boundaries until my husband observed I had none. He was referring to personal boundaries, and I had no idea what he was talking about. His boundaries were well-defined and guarded carefully. He didn’t allow infringement into what he considered his private space, and he failed to understand how I… Continue reading Boundaries