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Greygirl and Friend

  Please meet my new doorman. He wandered in when my friend Jenipher found him lurking at my front door begging to find shelter bringing along his friend Greygirl. He took up a guarding position just outside my home with assurances he would welcome anyone who dared cross into my territory with a lick and… Continue reading Greygirl and Friend

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Orderly Affairs

  I’ve spent some time recently ‘getting my affairs in order’, and that means trying to leave hints around as to how to get into my computer, my passwords for my credit cards, where my will is, who gets what, and what I want played at my memorial service. Now this begs the question of… Continue reading Orderly Affairs

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A2Z April Challenge O for Obadiah

O for Obadiah April 16 I’m aware that Obadiah has a Biblical connection and many people have attached that name to a child. However, neither of those instances is what I’m writing about today. Obadiah is the doorman at my house. He greets guests with a bowed head deference. He gracefully, graciously and silently welcomes… Continue reading A2Z April Challenge O for Obadiah