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Rock Fantasies

I’m back from my trip to sunny Ireland. Sunny, you say? Yep, 7 full days of sunshine on the Emerald Island. Even the natives were shocked. Since I’m not a travel writer, I won’t provide details about our travels. Rather, I’ll share some highlights, some pictures, some surprises, some interesting facts, some experiences, but none of the… Continue reading Rock Fantasies

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Retirement is a Dance

“Don’t you want to know what I do?” I asked. “No”, he answered. “But what I do is who I am,” I replied. “Why?” he asked. “Because I’m important. I have status. My job tells you about me,” I declare. “I don’t care what you did for a living,” he responds. “In retirement, we all… Continue reading Retirement is a Dance

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SL-Week 49–Vintage

Sylvain-Landry continues her photo challenge series with the theme of Vintage. I can’t think of many things that I have seen any older than sites in China. For instance, The Great Wall of China This plaque, although not Vintage, describes the building its attached to that was built 1522-1566. Pretty vintage if you ask me.… Continue reading SL-Week 49–Vintage

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Where Are You Wisdom?

As another birthday year appears on the horizon, I’m reminded how, for many years, I expected to have wisdom bestowed upon me. I thought by the time I reached 30 I would be wise, thinking that was the ripe old age when all things became apparent. When the light of that birthday didn’t yield any… Continue reading Where Are You Wisdom?

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Fanny Karst: Beginning With the End

Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:
Life in the Boomer Lane found Fanny Karst by accident, when she was on one of her favorite sites, Advanced Style. Karst had designed a tee shirt (‘OLD IS THE NEW BLACK’) that LBL had to have, and so she ordered it. It wasn’t until recently that…