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It’s a What? Oojamaflip, Thingamagig, or Thingabob

Travel with Intent’s prompt on this week’s One Word Sunday Challenge is Oojamaflip, a British slang word of unknown origin, meaning a thing whose name is temporarily forgotten. That is not the word we used for a forgotten item. We used one of two terms, Thingofmajig  or Thingabob. I’m contributing several pictures that could be classified as any or all of… Continue reading It’s a What? Oojamaflip, Thingamagig, or Thingabob

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Elephants–One Word Photo Challenge

Elephants. They have a direct, but unseen, line to my heart. Here are some pictures I took in Kenya of this soul-connected animal. Orphaned baby elephants are hand fed in a government run refuge.                      More young elephants in the refuge.          … Continue reading Elephants–One Word Photo Challenge

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OWPC–Crop or Cropped?

This is a cotton Crop in the field. And this is part of that crop plucked from the field. This is a mural painted on a wall in Canada, uncropped: And this is a portion of that mural after cropping: A crop and cropped! One Word Photo Challenge: Crop

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OWP Challenge–Cow

Most of my life I didn’t know that ‘cow’ was a female. I thought all bovine were cows…until I married a cowman/rancher. He patiently educated me, and our marriage lasted, even though I never mastered riding a horse or understanding F1 or F2 in the breeding process. Today the closest I get to a cow… Continue reading OWP Challenge–Cow

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In response to this week’s One Word Photo Challenge–Computers, I couldn’t do it with just one picture. The computer is just part of the story. It begins in the slums of Nairobi. In a small school and orphanage surviving on donations. Filled with eager youngsters. Equipped with one computer.

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OWPC–Color–Evening Skies

The One Word Photo Challenge for this week is all about Color. The beautiful hues of the evening sky send us off into a restful night.

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‘Ceiling’ is the word prompt for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge, and my camera caught a couple of ceilings that I find interesting. See what you think. Caves offer  visitors the opportunity to feel the ceiling that covers them, and explore the drama of the coming together of both floor and ceiling.   Paintings… Continue reading OWPC–Ceiling

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One Word Photo Challenge: Night

The coming night skies take my breath away when I watch their reminder of another day’s ending.   And when the light disappears from the skies we push away the darkness hoping our light will sustain us through the night.