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Dog Walking is a Challenge

Walking my dogs is more than a little challenging in San Miguel, it is downright dangerous if you are half crippled and have canines that do not understand the word ‘heel’. Taking these two on a trip around town is called ‘insanity’ in the world of humans, but it is known as ‘pee on every… Continue reading Dog Walking is a Challenge

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What I’ve Lost

People, I’ve lost people…and lovable, loving pets. Friends, family, enemies (hopefully), doglets. Some I have run from screaming with delight. Some I’ve neglected. Others have deserted me, unexpectedly. How dare them! No one is to blame for the terminated relationships, maybe. Perhaps it is a mutual decision, perhaps it is lack of attention on my part… Continue reading What I’ve Lost

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Doglet’s 2014 Christmas Letter

Chili’s 2014 Christmas letter received a warm welcome from her friends across the country. Hope you enjoy her lamentings from last year. December 2014 Another holiday season is here and I have much to report about the trials and tribulations of being the alpha female in the house my ‘pet’ maintains. As you may recall… Continue reading Doglet’s 2014 Christmas Letter

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Doglet’s Christmas Letter

A couple of years ago, my doglet Chili decided to send out a Christmas letter, without my knowledge. And then she did it again last year. I would not have known about her antics except my email box began to be filled with messages from animals around the country, telling Chili about their ‘pets’ and… Continue reading Doglet’s Christmas Letter