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She is Plump

‘She is plump’ is the cruelest of descriptions As though filled with rich juices Insults the ripeness of her appeal. Plump is the perfection of an apricot, A grape, a mango begging to be devoured Extracted nectar teasing the buds of my tongue Soft but firm, supple and rich Plump promises intoxicating liquors Stimulating my… Continue reading She is Plump

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Close Neighbors–2 for 1 Prompts Post

Ah, neighbors. We all have them, some living closer than others. It’s the close ones who create the most to write about. Those far away can be ignored seen only annually at the county fair. That is, of course, unless your bull jumps the fence and decides to take up mating privileges with the next-door… Continue reading Close Neighbors–2 for 1 Prompts Post

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Graffiti in San Miguel

This week’s prompt for Brew n Spew Cafe is graffiti and I can’t say for certain that these examples fit the definition: (Word prompt – graffiti – (noun) – usually unauthorized writing or drawing on a public surface.) because the artist may have been granted permission to draw. But they are all on public surfaces so perhaps… Continue reading Graffiti in San Miguel

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Fireworks for Freedom

Happy July 4th–Independence Day in the United States The sky on fire with sound and light Flames dance and dart and fill the night Blues, reds and whites explode with ahhs Perhaps our cry for freedom’s cause With fireworks’ splendor hope takes flight This is my constribution to Patricia’s Place In Other Words with the… Continue reading Fireworks for Freedom

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Textured Door for Cee and Norm

I’m combining 2 challenges today: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with this week’s prompt of ‘Texture’, and the weekly Norm’s Thursday Doors. I found this door in San Miguel de Allende and it fit both categories…so enjoy and find more examples at and  

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In Other Words, Take a Vacation

Patricia’s Place prompt in today’s ‘in other words’ is Vacation. My feeble attempt at the task is below, but find far better ones at What is this? Heading to mountains and shores to get away, explore and restore hoping for needed rejuvenation is this what they call a vacation?

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Time: It Races, Jogs, Drags, and Surprises

  It’s interesting how our perception of time changes depending on our age or anticipated events. As a kid, the time between September and June was forever. Time crept while I waited for summer and for the freedom we would have swimming, playing, sleeping late, and going to camp. And then, time flew. It was… Continue reading Time: It Races, Jogs, Drags, and Surprises

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Birds of a Feather…

Feather is the prompt for this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and this stately feather-bearer caught my eye.