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My ‘Little’ Sister’s Birthday

Having my sister, Paula around creates new mental excursions for me. She challenges the status quo of ideas and norms, thus shoving me into territories I’ve neither explored nor fancied. Her mind ranges far, her beliefs ring strangely. I’ve not ventured along paths she wanders until those tracks become superhighways traversed by the masses. By… Continue reading My ‘Little’ Sister’s Birthday

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A Month of Birthdays

August is the birthday month for my two sisters and both my parents, so I’m going to write about each one of them during the next 20 days. She’s my older sibling, 4 years my senior, and I don’t know her. The last time we talked was at our dad’s funeral 13 plus years ago,… Continue reading A Month of Birthdays

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Little Sister’s Birthday

My little sister is 74 today. At that age you wouldn’t think I would continue calling her my ‘little’ sis, but I guess she will always have that title. Understand, she is taller by several inches than I. She is smarter by more than several IQ points than I. She is more adventurous than I.… Continue reading Little Sister’s Birthday

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Some Can Paint, Some Can’t

I have a painted fence. And you wonder, so what? Who doesn’t? My fence is uniquely painted. My sister, who is not known for her artistic abilities, spent a couple of days painting daisy-looking flowers and unique trees all along the street side of the fence (no picture was taken of this artistic achievement). And… Continue reading Some Can Paint, Some Can’t

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Nuts, Comedy, Cards and Non-sense

Cee’s Share Your World questions for this week got me to thinking, which is often a scary and distracting exercise. But, here are my answers to this week’s queries. Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts?   I like food with nuts, and they can be any kind. I like nuts in salads, mixed… Continue reading Nuts, Comedy, Cards and Non-sense