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Howdy Doody Time–SoCS

Hey Kids, What Time Is It? And if you grew up in the late 40’s and through out the 50’s, you knew the answer: It’s Howdy Doody Time. This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday calls for writing about any word that starts with ‘ho’. That opens a lot of possibilities, but the one that comes to mind from long… Continue reading Howdy Doody Time–SoCS

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SoCS–You’re Cookin’ ? Oh No!

Y’all want something’ to eat?” “Not if  you’re cookin’.” “You’re complainin’ about my culinary skills?” “Your ‘skills’ were in flames when you attempted to fry a chicken, and it nearly burned the house down.” “I couldn’t help if grease splattered all over your favorite apron and my cigarette dropped from my mouth at the same time,… Continue reading SoCS–You’re Cookin’ ? Oh No!

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SoCS–Long, Longer, Longest

This week’s entry in Stream of Consciousness Saturday writings: The long and short of it. To make a long story short. I long for you. Long ago. Long, tall Sally. Long gone. And the rules for SoCs so you too can join the fun: . Your post must be stream of consciousness writing, meaning no… Continue reading SoCS–Long, Longer, Longest