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Yellow–Sunday Stills

Oh the many shades of Yellow, Sunday Stills Photo prompt this week, thanks to Second Wind Leisure. See more yellow at                          Yellow Wagon Wheel Yellow Rose                            Yellow Reflection   Yellow… Continue reading Yellow–Sunday Stills

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Sunday Stills–Gates

Here are pictures from some of my travels of gates for the Sunday Stills: Gates to Fun. See more at My Backyard in Texas                         In San Miguel de Allende                          … Continue reading Sunday Stills–Gates

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Daylight Hours for Sunday Stills

Daylight Hours is the prompt for this week’s Sunday Stills, and here are my contributions taken at various places and times. Here in Mexico Daylight Savings Time does not start until April, so our clocks remain n hour off for another few weeks. See more Daylight pictures at      

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Flights–High and Low

Sunday Stills prompt this week is ‘high flight’, and by searching through my archives I discovered several ‘flight’ photos. Whether flights of stairs, flights of birds, or flights of air-borne vehicles, here are my contributions to this week’s challenge. See more high flights at Who would climb these stairs (Picture 1) remains a mystery,… Continue reading Flights–High and Low

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Textures for Sunday Stills Photo Challenge

Textures. We find them everywhere, sometimes dramatically displayed, and often just seen as part of the backdrop of life. Here are some of my pictures that show textures of beauty and neglect, both equally appealing. See more interesting textures at Sunday Stills.                  

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A Plant’s Life Continues

Here is my contribution to Second Wind Leisure Sunday Stills Photo Challenge with a prompt of A Plant’s Life. Both shots remind me that there is more life coming. Find more pictures for this challenge at  

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Feathery Friends for Sunday Stills

Second Wind Leisure’s Sunday Stills features prompts of furry and feathered friends. I don’t claim that any of these feathered folks are friends, but they made their way into my life last year, and I was able to catch pictures of them. Check out other great Sunday Stills at This guy didn’t seem to be… Continue reading Feathery Friends for Sunday Stills

Second Wind Leisure · Sunday Stills

Wind and Rain=Refreshing

There’s not much more refreshing than standing in the wind and rain/mist overlooking beautiful scenery. The top picture was taken in China, and the bottom one was on the Ireland Coast. Both beautiful, wet, and refreshing locations. See much more at