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I Need to Pack How Much?

I’ve decided to head back to San Miguel for several months, so I’m attempting to get my life rearranged. Leaving home for a few weeks is different from leaving for months. The last time I did this was some 30 years ago when my husband and I took off for a year to explore Australia… Continue reading I Need to Pack How Much?

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It’s not High Fashion, but it’s Me

A blogger (and I can’t find her/him to give credit) pointed out how our clothes serve as a canvas that we use to tell others about ourselves. Yes, I’m paraphrasing and probably poorly, but this is my take away on what I read. The post tickled a spot in my psyche that apparently has needed to be explored… Continue reading It’s not High Fashion, but it’s Me

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Mail DisOrder!

Originally posted on Trail Baboon:
Header image by Dvortygirl via Creative Commons 3.0 Today’s post comes from Barbara in Robbinsdale I know a lot of Babooners probably shop Online, which has to make things easier during this season. Husband and I are still going to the Bricks and Mortar places for most of our purchases.…