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Thoughts on Introducing Anything New

  I’ve been thinking about what I’ve introduced to the world, or even to myself, lately. What new thought? What new idea? What new person have I met? What new emotion have I felt? What new action have I taken? Frankly, living in my cocoon of isolation I’ve become lazy: mentally and physically. Tucked in… Continue reading Thoughts on Introducing Anything New

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A blogger mentioned legends recently, and the word has been buzzing around in my head. Buzzing comes easily when isolating with yourself. Legends are those stories, real and imaginary, we have heard since childhood about people, activities, events. Who knows whether most of them are true, but the images stay with us throughout our lifetime.… Continue reading Legends

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Musings About Changes

I raced to the kitchen, knowing what would be waiting for my 10-year-old fingers to eagerly grab. I knew because I could smell real butter, double-sifted flour, and fresh apples melting and blending as grandmother opened the door on the wood-fired stove to remove the perfect pie. It wasn’t the pie that held my attention,… Continue reading Musings About Changes

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Whose Way is Better?

It is not only a surprise but also a delight when you run into someone you know while traveling in another city, state or country. Even if San Miguel de Allende in Mexico is one of the more popular cities in the world, it still is shocking and thrilling to bump into hometown folks. That… Continue reading Whose Way is Better?

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Learning to ‘Be’

In our society, what we do is one of the first things people ask us. Usually our jobs define us, setting the stage on which we perform. Our self-image is wrapped up in what we do for a living, our accomplishments, our income, as though the reason for our being is based on ‘doing’. I… Continue reading Learning to ‘Be’

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What is My Real Name?

After reading a couple of blogs today, I had an epiphany (the topic of one of the blogs about my ‘real’ name (another blog topic). So I decided to write a bit about both. The epiphany came when the writer asked ‘what is your real name?’ It’s a question I’ve fiddled around with for many years,… Continue reading What is My Real Name?

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Wandering and Exploration

Originally posted on View Pacific:
“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T.S. Eliot We might imagine that we’re covering vast distances as we continue living, seeking, and growing. Might it be possible that…

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Where Are Those Old Friends?

I heard about a surprise birthday party someone had for their spouse and it sounded like a great idea…so I began to think about planning one for a friend who turns 70 soon. The invitees would represent each decade of my friend’s life: his best friend during his first 10 years, his closest buddy during… Continue reading Where Are Those Old Friends?

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Who Said I Am Lazy?

It is a sad day when one learns that one is lazy. I’m not certain if I have always been afflicted with this malady, or if it is something that has crept into my life with retirement. Whichever, I can attest to the fact that I am comfortable sitting in front of my computer, playing… Continue reading Who Said I Am Lazy?