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Let Things Happen

“I wish I could do that,” I said, wistfully. “All you have to do is do it,” she instructed. “What?” I asked. “All you have to do is do it,” she repeated. “It’s not that simple,” I explained. “I’m sort of important, and I can’t just walk away.” “All you have to do is do… Continue reading Let Things Happen

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I Need to Pack How Much?

I’ve decided to head back to San Miguel for several months, so I’m attempting to get my life rearranged. Leaving home for a few weeks is different from leaving for months. The last time I did this was some 30 years ago when my husband and I took off for a year to explore Australia… Continue reading I Need to Pack How Much?

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Ireland, Here I Come!

Hey Folks, I’m leaving today on a 10 day trip to Ireland. That is the country, not a bridge in a rural area of Oklahoma. That means you may not hear from me for a couple of weeks, unless I can master posting on my blog from my iPad. Don’t think I’ll take my laptop,… Continue reading Ireland, Here I Come!

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Could You Hurry and Leave?

It’s off to New England for a few days, and my doglets are delighted. They begin to get really excited when they see the bags come out of the closet and begin to fill up with my clothes. There they are, looking eagerly from the edge of the bed as I pack and repack, planning… Continue reading Could You Hurry and Leave?

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Are You a Backpack Specialist?

Packing for a trip has become a job, in and of itself. How much to pack?  How to pack?  What type of luggage? And the list goes on and on. In anticipation of a 2+ week trip sometime in the next year, I’ve begun looking at options. Not that I don’t have a closet full… Continue reading Are You a Backpack Specialist?

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Wandering and Exploration

Originally posted on View Pacific:
“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T.S. Eliot We might imagine that we’re covering vast distances as we continue living, seeking, and growing. Might it be possible that…

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Seri, Don’t Leave Me Again!

I think I discovered the seeds in The Big Apple on my recent visit to New York City. The ‘seeds’ are the various Apple stores that are located throughout the city, providing the internal life of communication to the millions of people attempting to stay connected via voice, text, photos, and emails. My trusty phone… Continue reading Seri, Don’t Leave Me Again!

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Fav Foto Friday #12 Change of Plans

Just returned from a road trip to North and South Carolina, but turned back after reaching Cumberland Gap because of torrential rains and hurricane warnings. Headed back west until blue skies appeared in Kentucky and Arkansas. The pictures were some taken during that wet and then sunny journey.     Fav Foto Friday #12 URL       … Continue reading Fav Foto Friday #12 Change of Plans

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What Does Failure Look Like?

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse than to never have tried” – Theodore Roosevelt Today’s post is a result of the weekly challenge from My Red Page about the above quote. It seems to me that there is a blurry line between failure and success; a line based on one’s perception… Continue reading What Does Failure Look Like?