Wait.  Does that mean stop? Slow down? Cease moving? Is it an order or a state of being? A noun or a verb? I think of a hospital waiting room, where I sit anticipating information about the condition of a loved one’s surgery. Or how about holding the phone to my ear expecting someone to… Continue reading Wait


Clock Twisting

What time is it?  That depends on where you are in the world, if you are on Daylight Savings Time, and if you have a reliable watch, clock, or sundial.  Sundials aren’t a ‘must have’ in my list of furnishings, so I must depend on my cellphone or my trusty antique clock that cares not… Continue reading Clock Twisting


Changing Priorities

As I age, and that trip is getting faster and faster, I find priorities I have had for years are changing. Habits I thought would be forever are rapidly falling away and replaced with new habits that put less stress on my life. For instance, I’ve always loved a challenge and sometimes a good argument.… Continue reading Changing Priorities

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She is Plump

‘She is plump’ is the cruelest of descriptions As though filled with rich juices Insults the ripeness of her appeal. Plump is the perfection of an apricot, A grape, a mango begging to be devoured Extracted nectar teasing the buds of my tongue Soft but firm, supple and rich Plump promises intoxicating liquors Stimulating my… Continue reading She is Plump


Morning Walks

As I walked my doglets this morning, I was struck by the everyday routines people in this peaceful city enjoy. On one street we passed a woman sweeping the sidewalk and the street in front of her casa. She is there every morning, dressed in a robe, and this morning a light jacket to keep… Continue reading Morning Walks



I live ordinarily, sometimes hurtling, sometimes crawling. I live ordinarily, sometimes involved, sometimes isolated. I live ordinarily, sometimes exalted, sometimes ignored. I live ordinarily, sometimes chasing, sometimes chased. I live ordinarily, sometimes kind, sometimes brutal. I live ordinarily, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying. I live ordinarily, but at least I live. This was a prompt sometime… Continue reading Ordinarily


Do I Really Want to Live to 105?

I’ve always thought I would live to be 105, since longevity runs in my family. One grandmother lived to 103, and a grandfa- ther made it to 93. So, I don’t think 105 is out of the question. However, the closer I get to 105, I do have to wonder if I have lost my… Continue reading Do I Really Want to Live to 105?


What If…?

My heart pounded, hoping yet fearful.  Would he?  I waited, my eyes searching his face in the dim light of night. We stood at the bottom of the small rise, hidden under branches of a scrawny tree, hopefully out of sight of my 90-year-old grandfather gently swinging his legs as he waited for my return.… Continue reading What If…?