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Travel Theme–Grassy

I’m the first to admit I haven’t a clue what types of grasses or weeds are shown here, but this is my feeble attempt to participate in Where’s My Backpack blog with this week’s topic: Travel Theme-Grassy. Check out other photos of grasses at:                      … Continue reading Travel Theme–Grassy

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Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge–Letters ‘S’ and ‘T’

  Visit Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge featuring pictures highlighting the letters ‘s’ and ‘t’. Here are my contributions for this week’s challenge.                           Smiles   Stone   Tulips


Paint My Shoes Red

I read a post from Ready to Live Longer ( about red shoes and it reminded me of purchasing my first pair of red heels. I was in my 40’s, and had never thought of myself as being ‘conservative’ in my life style…until a clothes consultant took me in hand and directed me to the… Continue reading Paint My Shoes Red

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There Are Advantages to being 75

I’m so glad to be my age. Being ‘old’, ‘wise one’, ‘elderly’, ‘all knowing’, ‘aged’, ‘over the hill’, or whatever term is used to describe someone 75 or older, allows me to have excuses for lots of failings. I have reasons for the many things I want to avoid. For instance, I want to ignore… Continue reading There Are Advantages to being 75

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Tuesday Textures

Spent a bit of time on a local farm this week and shot these pictures for this week’s Tuesdays of Texture. Bales of hay offered some interesting texture, as did other farming equipment. See even more at    


“History has it’s eyes on you”

Originally posted on Aging Gracefully My Ass:
? AGMA traveled with now retired Hubs to Chicago two weeks ago to visit the most adorable grandchildren in the world. Seriously, they are. But I don’t want to pick any fights with those of you who might disagree because you might think that your grandchildren are the…