Welcome Serg To Your New Home

Once more I have lost my ever lovin’ mind. Although not an uncommon event, this one is stretching my sanity boundaries. I reckoned Radar was in need of a playmate, other than me! So, I put out feelers about possible shelter dogs that may need a playful home, and overnight Radar had a new housemate… Continue reading Welcome Serg To Your New Home

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Thursday Doors and Donkeys for Norm’s Challenge

Thought you might enjoy seeing these doors…one is a front door, the other is a garage door. I like the red face sculptures above each door, and if they have specific significance I am not privy to that info. The donkeys on the garage door is because metal smokers are built here, so I’ve added… Continue reading Thursday Doors and Donkeys for Norm’s Challenge


Privilege and Fractures

Originally posted on Wanderings of an Elusive Mind:
Privilege is defined as “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group”. As a white-skinned man, you have always been granted the privilege to “sit at the counter”, drink from a water fountain, live in the better neighborhoods, be…