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In Person or by Mail?

The question is not whether to vote, the question is how to vote. And that decision may be key to a fair election. With a President shouting voting by mail is fraudulent, threatening to have the Supreme Court rule that mail-in ballots are not valid, and maneuvering to have Electoral College electorates be selected by… Continue reading In Person or by Mail?

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2020 Democratic National Convention

I listened to wistful voices I applauded accomplishments I realized challenges I recognized hopes I saw the dreams I cried for losses I watched faces I laughed at the jokes I hoped for the futures I feared inactivity I dreamed of equality I planned my actions I felt the urgency I heard the truth My… Continue reading 2020 Democratic National Convention

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A Disease Empowers a Virus

I’m mad. I’m frightened. I’m outraged. I’m saddened I’m disgusted. I’m nervous. I’m lonely. I’m tired. I’m Corona Virus weary. But I’m not surprised. There is a sickness in the White House. Most Americans recognized the symptoms of the malady even before a fever was detected, but they hoped it could be contained. The disease,… Continue reading A Disease Empowers a Virus

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More Zoloft, Please

Watching the news has me grabbing my bottle of antidepressants and gobbling a handful, hoping I won’t cut my wrist before they kick in to soothe my ever-growing anxiety about the state of our country. Force feeding the orange one truth pills would be a start to easing my concern, but that seems unlikely for… Continue reading More Zoloft, Please