Privilege and Fractures

Originally posted on Wanderings of an Elusive Mind:
Privilege is defined as “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group”. As a white-skinned man, you have always been granted the privilege to “sit at the counter”, drink from a water fountain, live in the better neighborhoods, be…

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Spring Fever—First Outing

Nothing says Spring like new life, and I caught a new-born duckling getting its first glimpse of water and encouragement from Mom and Dad. However, it took another day before the little one ventured into the water, closely watched over by protective parents. See more Spring Fever pictures at https://weeklyprompts.com/2019/04/10/word-prompt-spring-fever/. DAY ONE        … Continue reading Spring Fever—First Outing

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Numbers in All Shapes, Sizes and Colors

I’ve been collecting number pictures for several years, and please don’t ask me why. Haven’t a clue about this numeral fetish. It’s time to just display a few in no particular order or pattern…just numbers.  Interestingly, many streets will have the same number of various houses, making it a challenge to find the correct home… Continue reading Numbers in All Shapes, Sizes and Colors

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Who Is She?

My sister gave me an early house-warming gift this week, and she is fabulous…actually they both are wonderful…my sister and my gift. Now, here is my challenge: What do I name this beauty? This is a wonderful piece of art by Edward Swift, who is currently living in San Miguel having lived most of his… Continue reading Who Is She?

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Thursday Doors in SMA

I showed a door last week, with another one in the background, and this week, I’m showing the background one. So many door around every corner in San Miguel de Allende. See more at Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge. http://Thursday Doors – April 4, 2019 The door on the left is this week’s feature.