Do I Really Want to Live to 105?

I’ve always thought I would live to be 105, since longevity runs in my family. One grandmother lived to 103, and a grandfa- ther made it to 93. So, I don’t think 105 is out of the question. However, the closer I get to 105, I do have to wonder if I have lost my… Continue reading Do I Really Want to Live to 105?


Gear Shifting

I’m attempting to understand what happens as we grow older. Actually, what I’m really trying to figure out is why I forget so darn much. A recent article turned a light on about aging and what we remember and what we forget.  The author called it ‘mind weeding’. As we add years to our lives,… Continue reading Gear Shifting


Aging Gracefully

Spring is here, most of the trees are leafed out, flowers are blooming, new life abounds. I’m wondering if I’m glad or sad. I’m delighted to see another season burst forth with color and vigor but sad to acknowledge the cells in my body are having a difficult time bursting forth with anything that resembles… Continue reading Aging Gracefully


Ain’t Aging Fun?

My mother once told me that looking good when we get older isn’t hard, it just costs more. At the time I was younger and didn’t quite understand…but today, I’m getting a much clearer picture of the price of looking good as I age.  Such things as wrinkles, grey hair, unwanted hair, wrinkles, thinning hair,… Continue reading Ain’t Aging Fun?

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Who Did I Think I Would Be?

Discovering me. I have spent my 77 years on a journey to ‘discover me’. And every few years I find that who I thought I was isn’t who I am today. Now, that is confusing. Who I was in my 20s seemed to look and feel out of kilter to who I was at 40.… Continue reading Who Did I Think I Would Be?

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77 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! Yes, this week I celebrated my 77thyear out of the womb. Where have the years gone? How did I get this old? When did it happen? Now what? Yesterday I was 42. Last week I was in high school. Tomorrow I’ll be on my way to 78.… Continue reading 77 Years Old Today

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Act Your Age

One of my favorite bloggers, who writes honestly and insightfully about aging, recently noted we glorify older people who are active, those who at 70 or 80 are romping around like 40 year olds. As a society we want old folks to not act like ‘old folks’, but instead run, dive, explore, walk, bike, swim,… Continue reading Act Your Age

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Are We There Yet?

I would guess my folks wanted to stop the car, open the back door, kicking my sister and me off to the side of the road, and drive on in peaceful aloneness. How many times were they asked that question, and how many times did it go unanswered? The query lingers in my memory, recalling… Continue reading Are We There Yet?

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Bridging the Age Gap

I follow a blog, Time Goes By, written by a 77-year-old woman who has been studying and writing about aging for 25 years (https://www.timegoesby.net/weblog/2018/10/two-excellent-stories-of-youth-and-elders-together.html). It is a great read and if you are interested in what is going on in government and society regarding the elderly, I highly recommend her contributions to the subject of… Continue reading Bridging the Age Gap