Allowing Quietness

I’m sitting in the quietness of my casita, alone, except for my canine companions crowding against me, one on either side pushing the boundaries of my one-person chair. It’s a clear and soft morning, expectations abandoned, duties postponed, a remote calmness seeping into my being, stilling the restless energy of accomplishment. Seldom do I allow… Continue reading Allowing Quietness



Aloneness Aloneness forced by nature, perhaps to slow movement, allowing a clearer view of living. Stopping pursuits, exposing feelings. Learning myself, igniting the twigs of creativity as kindling begins a warming blaze. Fire erupts, insights born in the rising smoke, freeing restraints, clearing vision, making way as fears and joys emerge.

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Am I Lonely Because I’m Alone?

One of my favorite blogs is Time Goes By, written by a woman who shares a lifetime span with me. She pens about the challenges and issues that are important to those of us who have passed the 50, 60, 70 or 80 hallmarks of time. In a recent post she addressed the loss of loved ones, grieving,… Continue reading Am I Lonely Because I’m Alone?

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Can You Stay Young Alone?

“Can you stay young alone?” This question was asked in a fellow blogger’s post, and it struck a chord that I felt moved to consider. And it raised more questions. Can I stay young, no matter my age? Can I stay young with or without having an intimate partner? Do I even want to stay young? Is youth… Continue reading Can You Stay Young Alone?