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Colorful Art Abounds–Travels and Trifles Photo Challenge

My entries in Travels and Trifles blog with the photo challenge of Colorful. And these examples certainly are that. Enjoy more great pictures at: This is an example of street art, literally, since it was made with colored sawdust in front of one of the local churches in San Miguel de Allende(SMA). Beautiful, isn’t… Continue reading Colorful Art Abounds–Travels and Trifles Photo Challenge

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Brick Patterns

I love the patterns in the brick ceiling found in many Mexican homes in San Miguel de Allende. This is my contribution to Pilotfish’s photo challenge with the prompt of Patterns. See more at the below link.      

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

These art pieces are displayed at an artist’s home near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. They show lots of creativity and I found them a bit odd, but also delightful. They are my entry for this week’s Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

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Must See Street Art in San Miguel

I am delighted by the street art I discover in San Miguel, so today I’m sharing some of the pieces I saw this week. Well-known international artists travel to SMA to add their artistic touch to the growing art scene on walls throughout the city. Hope you enjoy the artwork that is illustrated here. More… Continue reading Must See Street Art in San Miguel

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Street Art and Faces

I have discovered more what I call street art in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and decided to feature pictures of faces in this post. These paintings are amazing, beautiful, creative, and thrilling to see.                                

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Street Art Says We Are Alive

As I wander the streets of San Miguel de Allende in the mountains of Mexico my senses are caressed, challenged, tickled, and surprised. The delicious smells: fresh fruits, chicken and beef mixed with peppers and onions roasting over a sidewalk burner, hot tortillas, and homemade tamales. The vibrant colors: abundant fresh flowers of all hues,… Continue reading Street Art Says We Are Alive

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Masks–What Do They Hide?

I have a large number of pictures of various masks/faces from several countries and cultures. And I wonder why I find them so fascinating. Is it the creativity each artist demonstrates in designing them? Is it what is unseen behind the masks? Is it the mystery that our imagination conjures up as we view these works of art?… Continue reading Masks–What Do They Hide?

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

This odd ball photo challenge is about taking pictures of what else–odd ball things. So, here are some pictures I’ve taken that don’t fit in any category, but seem odd ball to me. Catch other odd ball pictures at the link below. These objects are in a bathroom of a most unusual home owned and… Continue reading Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge