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A Photo A Week Challenge–Birds

Birds is the prompt for this week’s Nadia Merrill Photo A Week Challenge, and I am using pictures of our fine feathered friends that are both alive and those beautifully sculptured  by artists from Ireland and China. More great bird photos at                        … Continue reading A Photo A Week Challenge–Birds

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A Photo A Week–Moving Waters

Moving Waters is the theme of Nadia Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge and I found a few in my archives. Visit Nadia’s blog to see more moving water pictures. Water fountains offer a great display of running waters, thrusting H2O in many patterns and directions. This fountain provides an ideal perch for a bird… Continue reading A Photo A Week–Moving Waters

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Meandering Across Ireland

I’ve returned from my trip to Ireland with tales to tell. Not just about where we were, when we were where we were, or why we were where we were, but more about the small things that delighted us. Actually, not everything ‘delighted us’. In fact, several episodes were a bit stressful and uncomfortable, but… Continue reading Meandering Across Ireland

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A Chirping Convention? Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

  For CEO’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge this week, I pulled up several pictures of birds. We are not talking about a couple of birds, but rather 10’s of birds. I didn’t count them, not certain I could get past 40, but they were everywhere. I came out of a store at dusk and they… Continue reading A Chirping Convention? Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

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Birds of a Feather…

Feather is the prompt for this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and this stately feather-bearer caught my eye.                                    

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Tuesdays of Texture

Tuesdays of Texture is a blog featuring photos of various textures, and this picture of new-born birdlets in their mud nest shows lots of textures. The straw, leaves, mud, feathery bird downy, and white beaks ready for nourishment provide an interesting combination of textures. Check our other creative texture photographs in the blog below.

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Birds Of A Feather–Part 2

Okay, I’m hooked. I am having more fun watching the fledgings as they have grown over the past 2 weeks. It’s like they grow an inch an hour. Amazing. I’ve taken pictures every day from the day the nest was built of mud and whatever, to today when the first birdlet flew from the nest… Continue reading Birds Of A Feather–Part 2

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Daily Post–Open

I’m fascinated by these new born birds that instintively know to open their beaks for food, and then duck down in the nest if someone comes near.   If You Want More Followers, Then Leave a Link for Me to Share! “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 29 – ‘Open’

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Birds of a Feather

Mud nesting birds have built a home under the eve next to my back door, and I’m delighted, but not so much. I love the idea that they are having babies in a place where I can see them. I hate the idea of cleaning up after them. I have a hard enough time keeping my own nest tidy,… Continue reading Birds of a Feather