Writing Laryngitis

Have you noticed the ‘little voice’ has been almost silent the past few months? The voice has been less than little, it has been virtually non-existent. I’ll call it writing laryngitis, rather than laziness, it sounds so much more exotic. The truth is this busted knee has occupied my time, my mind and my emotions… Continue reading Writing Laryngitis

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What to do Next?

I’m living in a tornado, or at least that’s what it feels like, and what my house looks like. The only safe place may be my bathtub and hopefully no one will turn the water on. Only 8 days until I leave for my six months in lovely Mexico, and the winds of change have… Continue reading What to do Next?

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A Year of Writing

It has been a year of socializing, learning, fretting, writing, and growing all in the name of blogging. I’m not certain I had any expectations when I began this jaunt, except to write consistently and, hopefully, cleverly. I can say that the consistent part I got, the clever part may be a bit thin, but… Continue reading A Year of Writing

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Why Do I Blog?

Once again I’m pondering the reasons why I blog, what I want to do with my blog, and specific goals for cyberspace communication. This is an uncomfortable exercise for me, because I’m more of a ‘seat of my pants’ planner. Setting goals makes me accountable, and who wants to be held accountable at my age? I… Continue reading Why Do I Blog?

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Solitude Is Necessary

Solitude is intriguing. It nourishes me, it drains me, it demands from me, and it leads me to interaction. I’ve spent most of my life not participating in any activity that was solitude in nature. I wanted people around me. I wanted activity and interaction, and lots of it. But I’m becoming accustomed to my alone… Continue reading Solitude Is Necessary

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Versatile Blogging Award

Thank you Amy at Insights from the Edge for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit her blog and enjoy her delightful writing style. You will be glad you made her part of your reading day. Rules for this award are the following: Thank the person that nominated you and include a… Continue reading Versatile Blogging Award

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Mail DisOrder!

Originally posted on Trail Baboon:
Header image by Dvortygirl via Creative Commons 3.0 Today’s post comes from Barbara in Robbinsdale I know a lot of Babooners probably shop Online, which has to make things easier during this season. Husband and I are still going to the Bricks and Mortar places for most of our purchases.…

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Start (Or End) Your Day. . .

Originally posted on A Simple, Village Undertaker:
. . . a chuckle, courtesy of our friend, Carla      Being blonde… it goes deeper than just their roots.   A blonde man is in the bathroom and his wife shouts: “Did you find the shampoo?” He answers, “Yes, but I’m not sure what to do……

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Six Word Story Challenge–Memory

Memory is this week’s Sometime Stellar Six Word Story Challengee prompt, and I got carried away. I couldn’t just leave it at one so here are several that came to mind: My mind went blank with fear. Is my memory gone, she questioned? Why do I not remember…anything? ‘I did it!’ But she didn’t. (I entered… Continue reading Six Word Story Challenge–Memory

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Where Are Those Old Friends?

I heard about a surprise birthday party someone had for their spouse and it sounded like a great idea…so I began to think about planning one for a friend who turns 70 soon. The invitees would represent each decade of my friend’s life: his best friend during his first 10 years, his closest buddy during… Continue reading Where Are Those Old Friends?