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‘If/Then’ Prompt for SoCS July 16/16

The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is beginning a post with the word ‘if’, ad end the post with a phrase containing the word ‘then’. If I can write something readable that meets those guidelines, then I will feel successful. There you have it…all in one sentence! Thanks Linda for this challenge.

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Friendly Fill-Ins Week 6

This week’s Friendly Fill-Ins Week 6 beginnings and my responses are shown below. Join the fun each week at the blog shown below. The best brand of anything seldom has to do with its packaging. I refuse to buy ripe, ripe bananas. I want them green so I can age into them. I am inspired by  laughter. I love… Continue reading Friendly Fill-Ins Week 6

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Cee’s ‘Share Your World’ Answers

Cee has the most interesting challenges, and this Share Your World inquiry sparked my imagination. Here are my answers to this week’s questions. What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)? Since my parents owned a couple of weekly newspapers I delivered papers for many years as I was… Continue reading Cee’s ‘Share Your World’ Answers

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Dance…And Free the Spirit–WPC Photo Challenge

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge theme is ‘Dance’, and it gives me the opportunity to share a couple of photos I took while in San Miguel, Mexico recently. This group of dancers did a remarkable routine showing grace, fun, and stamina that was outstanding. The pictures don’t do their efforts justice, but hopefully you… Continue reading Dance…And Free the Spirit–WPC Photo Challenge

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Too Much Information?

Bonnywood Manor has nominated me for the The Liebster Award, and I thank him for the thought (I think).  This award comes with a few strings attached, the first being that you have to expose yourself. Although the exposure is not a physical undressing, it does require me to emotionally disrobe in front of all these faceless… Continue reading Too Much Information?

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Rant Away to Room 101

You Are Banished! Go To Your Room 101!…Ranting   I was nominated for this award by this interesting healer at element healing. I’ll list the rules below, but first I want to thank her for following my blog and letting me use the neat graphic or badge, as it is called. I think it is… Continue reading Rant Away to Room 101