Soaring Free

Angels soar among the clouds Carried by wings above the crowds. Joined by whispering heavenly doves It’s Christmas, yes, it’s a time of love We burn a log, drink and eat, Warmed by feelings we know and greet Our hearts are open, our souls unbound We taste the joy, spinning around We cheer and applaud… Continue reading Soaring Free


There is Enough

The rush is on.  Santa is over feeding his reindeer, polishing the shiny nose of Rudolph, frantically getting the gifts to be delivered in order, and wondering how many toys, clothes, electronics, and do-dads will fit in his ever-increasing sized sleigh. And down on earth world, the lucky ones are buying more goodies so no… Continue reading There is Enough


A Credit Card Christmas

I expected activities to slow down this Christmas because of the pandemic, but think again. I noticed the frantic internal rush to spend money began around mid-November, and it reached a boiling point hours before Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…and it hasn’t let up. The breaking of Hoover Dam would be comparable to this adrenalin… Continue reading A Credit Card Christmas

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Unknown Story for Weekend Challenge

There is a story behind this picture, I just don’t know what it is. Back in 2005 our family had a gathering to celebrate Christmas in the small southeastern Oklahoma town where I was born. We always drive around town just to see what hasn’t changed in 70+ years, and usually that means not much… Continue reading Unknown Story for Weekend Challenge

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Annual (and Less than Inspired) Christmas Letter

Hello Folks, This is my ‘catch you up on what’s happening in my life’ review for 2019, boring as it may be. But, hey, I need to write a column, I need to post a blog, and I need to assure people who have sent me messages throughout the year (and who I have not… Continue reading Annual (and Less than Inspired) Christmas Letter