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Farewell, Goodbye, So Long, Old Friend

It’s an emotional day. I have to say goodbye to you, ending our relationship of more than 30 years. I’ve depended on you for decades. You know my secrets. You were there when I struggled through tough nights, and you danced with me when I soared through easy days. It’s difficult to end a relationship… Continue reading Farewell, Goodbye, So Long, Old Friend

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In response to this week’s One Word Photo Challenge–Computers, I couldn’t do it with just one picture. The computer is just part of the story. It begins in the slums of Nairobi. In a small school and orphanage surviving on donations. Filled with eager youngsters. Equipped with one computer.

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Me Vs. Computers

I really hate to admit how inept I am when it comes to computers, technology, or almost anything that has an electrical plug and a cord attached. And another phase of that embarrassment is that I’m intimidated by all of the above. There is a small, but loud, voice that sings out in panic whenever… Continue reading Me Vs. Computers

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It Wasn’t Me!

You have been subjected to my rantings about my frustrations with Windows 10. Now I must revise my complaints, give praise where praise is deserved, and go off in my corner of the world and suck my thumb. No question it takes an expert to navigate through the Windows download, set up, start-up, and call… Continue reading It Wasn’t Me!

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I Just Want It To Do What I Need!!!

I need freedom. Freedom to live without a computer, especially a computer┬áthat won’t do what I think it should be doing in the way I think it should be doing it. Don’t talk to me about progress or how change enhances and expands my world. I don’t care about progressing. I’m 73 years old…how much… Continue reading I Just Want It To Do What I Need!!!