Weekly Prompts–Burnt Offerings

For those of you who follow my blog (all 3 of you), there is no doubt you are aware I’m not a cook, chef, or kitchen extraordinaire, and this is another tale of my misdeeds in the room that houses a stove, a refrigerator, a sink and a newly obtained Instant Pot. I offer it… Continue reading Weekly Prompts–Burnt Offerings


Cooking is Not What Its Cooked Up to be.

Recently someone asked me if I cook. My eyebrows contracted, my eyes narrowed, my mouth lost its already receding lip line as I sucked in a breath, and my head involuntarily began a left to right rotation of denial. It was an instantaneous reaction, reflecting a bit of embarrassment, dislike, guilt, pride, and relief. I… Continue reading Cooking is Not What Its Cooked Up to be.

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The Cook

He must have known he would cook for me no more. His days of concocting meals, scouting grocery aisles, rolling out dough, perfecting his chili, flipping pancakes, sharpening knives, dirtying every pan in the kitchen were over. He closed his eyes for the last time whispering, “How will you eat?” I laughed and cried.

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Hamburger Helpers to the Rescue?

I did not sign up for this! The mantra was on a never-ending tape coursing through my mind as I stood in the tiny kitchen staring at atrocious pink appliances purchased the day before at a used furniture store. What the hell am I going to do?  Four hungry teenagers, their knives and forks pointed… Continue reading Hamburger Helpers to the Rescue?

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SoCS–You’re Cookin’ ? Oh No!

Y’all want something’ to eat?” “Not if  you’re cookin’.” “You’re complainin’ about my culinary skills?” “Your ‘skills’ were in flames when you attempted to fry a chicken, and it nearly burned the house down.” “I couldn’t help if grease splattered all over your favorite apron and my cigarette dropped from my mouth at the same time,… Continue reading SoCS–You’re Cookin’ ? Oh No!

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Give Me a Cook!

I had forgotten how nice it is to have someone in your house who cooks. Relatives are visiting and she actually knows how to turn the oven on and how to adjust the burners. Sounds simple enough, but when you haven’t operated something very often, the exact sequence of what to do next can be… Continue reading Give Me a Cook!

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I’ll Be Remembered Because…?

I was recently asked how I will be remembered, and I had to think about just what I will be leaving as a legacy. It was a depressing thought when I realized my main contribution will be a pristine kitchen left to the new home owners. Pristine because I have never used it. This was obviously… Continue reading I’ll Be Remembered Because…?

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How To Make a Holiday To-Do List That Works (Plus, Bonus Recipe!)

Since I’m not a list maker or a chef, I thought I would share some advice and a couple of really wonderful sounding recipes for those of you who do know their way around a to-do list and the kitchen. Enjoy.