Covid-19 Gains

A friend asked what I had gained during the past year of the pandemic, and my response was immediate: “Weight, that’s what I’ve gained from Covid 19.”  And it sucks, as in slurping down food. Certainly other emotional traumas have surfaced in the past 12 months, but more pounds draping my body seem to be… Continue reading Covid-19 Gains

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When Does It End?

Unseen personalities emerge in isolation: snarky comments, weepy days, temper tantrums, anxiety attacks, impatient outbursts, sleepless nights, fearful fits, cabin fever, and the list goes on. Will those traits remain after we reenter the world of hugs and co-mingling? How long will we be hesitant to have a drink with friends, visit someone’s home, share… Continue reading When Does It End?

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New Social Interaction Rules Ahead

It’s mid-August and I’m still hibernating, fearful of any human who might be a virus villain ready to spew harmful air particles into my lungs, eyes, mouth or on my fingertips. So, when I received an invitation to a garden gathering of local writers, I declined sending regrets exposing my cowardliness and deep-seated fear of… Continue reading New Social Interaction Rules Ahead

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Masks–What They Hide

My contribution to https://travelwithintent.com/2020/07/01/masked-posters-lockdown-covid19-london/  Masks. They protect us, isolate us, hide us, and hinder identifying us. Not certain whether you folks around the world are wearing masks, but here in Mexico we have not reached our projected peak for Covid 19, and probably won’t for another 60+ days. Meaning we are urged and sometimes mandated to… Continue reading Masks–What They Hide

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Can We Think About Something Else?

We had a sizzling April in San Miguel de Allende, and thankfully May has brought showers and cooler weather. This is surprising because historically May is the hottest month in this high desert town in central Mexico. With any luck the gods will grace us with more damp days and lower temperatures. Summer is considered… Continue reading Can We Think About Something Else?

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A Disease Empowers a Virus

I’m mad. I’m frightened. I’m outraged. I’m saddened I’m disgusted. I’m nervous. I’m lonely. I’m tired. I’m Corona Virus weary. But I’m not surprised. There is a sickness in the White House. Most Americans recognized the symptoms of the malady even before a fever was detected, but they hoped it could be contained. The disease,… Continue reading A Disease Empowers a Virus

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Masked Woman on the Loose

It has finally happened: Boredom has met Desperation. Sitting alone in my casita for endless days has led to alarming actions never before contemplated or considered. I have imagined myself as the Non-DIY Queen beginning at a very young age. Making mud pies was considered a bit too creative for my 5-year-old sensitivities. If push… Continue reading Masked Woman on the Loose

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Coronavirus, COVID-19

Coronavirus. COVID-19 It’s the life-changing talk of the world. Here in San Miguel, the ex-pat community is ‘hunkering down’, listening closely to medical advisories, canceling meetings, and communicating via Internet and phone with friends and family rather than face to face encounters. I’m guessing the same thing is happening world-wide as we face the realities… Continue reading Coronavirus, COVID-19