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An Imperfect Perfect Father

Father’s Day and all is quiet. That tells me my father is no longer cracking jokes, being silly and enjoying life. Sam Williams died 15 years ago. He fell, broke his hip, and when they started to take him to surgery, the doctors discovered he had pneumonia. He died about 36 hours later. He was… Continue reading An Imperfect Perfect Father

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101 Years Ago Today

August is the birthday month for my two sisters and both my parents, and this, the last one, celebrates my Dad’s birth date, August 20, 1917.  Business was the main course at our dinner table, humor the dessert, and both were served generously at meal times. Dad was the purveyor of the laughter, helped along… Continue reading 101 Years Ago Today

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Aha Moments

Aha moments. They come at the strangest times, usually unexpectedly, and without immediate clarity that will help you understand the impact those moments will have on your life. One of those enlightening thunderbolts happen 13 years ago with an early morning phone call from my sister. “Dad has died.” As I put the phone down,… Continue reading Aha Moments

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We Discovered A Secret

Yep, I admit it…my socks were blown off this week. While the winds of Hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc in our community, the secrets of my deceased Dad roared through my life with flood waters of their own. You would think by the time you reach your mid 70s there aren’t many things that would create… Continue reading We Discovered A Secret