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Balancing on a SeeSaw

Balance is the prompt for the Just Jot It January 25 challenge, and here is my humble contribution on the topic I know little about. See what others said about Balance. There is a good chance they know more than I do about the subject. When I think of Balance, I mentally see a… Continue reading Balancing on a SeeSaw

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Cowboys and Chuck Wagons–Nostalgia

What says Cowboys more than a chuck wagon? It was the center of a cattle drive. The hearth where the cowhands gathered for nourishment and camaraderie. Where the cook reigned supreme; tolerating no complaints and certainly no horses near his fire. Carefully arranged to the cook’s exact liking, not to be messed with or invaded. The chuck… Continue reading Cowboys and Chuck Wagons–Nostalgia

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Who Hears the Silence?

Is there silence resting with these stones? Or do the voices go unheard? Do the spirits speak: explaining, exclaiming, lamenting, rejoicing? But we hear nothing but the silence. Waiting our time to join earlier travelers. Will we too murmur into the quietness? But no one hears but the silence?

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One Liner Joins Daily Prompt

I combined two challenges for today’s post: One Liner Wednesday with the topic of Ask Not The Daily Post with the prompt of Miniature Ask not why she is large, but why she is called a Miniature. One-Liner Wednesday – Ask Not  

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Peace on Earth? Clean Lenses!

I have a ‘thing’ about being able to see. And I believe I have a duty to help the world see better. I’ve worn glasses since I was about 18 months old…I’m now 74, so I’ve viewed the world through manmade lenses for 7 plus decades. I consider myself an expert on how to take… Continue reading Peace on Earth? Clean Lenses!

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Where Did My Giggles Go?

I hear the 2 little girls across the street playing in their backyard, innocently giggling not knowing anyone is listening. And I wonder,” when did I quit giggling?” Was I 5? No, I remember climbing atop our garage to catch my older sister smoking when I was 5. I thought it was  funny when I saw her inhale… Continue reading Where Did My Giggles Go?

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Help, Let Me Count the Ways Today’s Daily Prompt is ‘Help’. I yell it when I’m desperate:  ‘HELP!!’ I whisper it with relief when someone steps up: “Sigh”.   I reject it when my ego is bruised: “Go away.”   I yearn for it when I hurt: “Hold me.”   I offer it: “I’m here.”   I embrace it always: “Thank… Continue reading Help, Let Me Count the Ways