My Husband Died Today

“My husband just died,” she announced when we met on the street. The confused look she gave me was sad, and her voice sounded perplexed. After a hug, she shook her head and lamented, “I don’t know how I feel.” Her husband had dementia for 20 years, and had succumbed to a respiratory infection while… Continue reading My Husband Died Today

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February–a Month of Remembering

Yep, it’s February. I can always tell, even without a calendar. I cry unexpectedly. I have flashbacks of years past. And I shake myself often trying to figure out why my mood seems dreary, or why I smile quietly with no apparent reason. Then I remember, it’s February; a month of birth, love, and death.… Continue reading February–a Month of Remembering

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End of an Era

An era ended this week. My 18-year-old doglet made her final journey to the vet, and drifted out of this lifetime in the arms of my sister. Paula volunteer to be Chili’s carrier for this trip since I’m out of the country. And I am grateful for her offer. Chili, as you may know, was… Continue reading End of an Era

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Aha Moments

Aha moments. They come at the strangest times, usually unexpectedly, and without immediate clarity that will help you understand the impact those moments will have on your life. One of those enlightening thunderbolts happen 13 years ago with an early morning phone call from my sister. “Dad has died.” As I put the phone down,… Continue reading Aha Moments

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  Oh Mother, Where are Your Ferragamos?

Oh, Mother, where are your Ferragamos? That was the question I asked as I looked at the body of my mother who had died a day earlier. She was decked out in one of her St. John suits, ready for a private viewing. I took her hand, surprised at how cold she was. Of course… Continue reading   Oh Mother, Where are Your Ferragamos?

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Am I Lonely Because I’m Alone?

One of my favorite blogs is Time Goes By, written by a woman who shares a lifetime span with me. She pens about the challenges and issues that are important to those of us who have passed the 50, 60, 70 or 80 hallmarks of time. In a recent post she addressed the loss of loved ones, grieving,… Continue reading Am I Lonely Because I’m Alone?

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Death With Dignity and the Supreme Court Nominee–Reblog

I’m reblogging this post from Time Goes By (see link below). As I get older, I’m finding that dying with dignity becomes more and more important to me. Death With Dignity and the Supreme Court Nominee Monday, 06 February 2017 It’s not often I can combine an age-related post with a political one as directly… Continue reading Death With Dignity and the Supreme Court Nominee–Reblog

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February is Over, Now It’s March…Groan

Thank goodness February 2016 is over. It’s a month that is accompanied by memories and hidden emotions that seem to creep out at the most inappropriate times. My husband’s birthday was in February, we were married in February, and he up and died on February 29, 2004. That is 12 years or 3 leap years ago when… Continue reading February is Over, Now It’s March…Groan

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The Day After

Valentine’s Day 2016 has come, and slipped by. No emotional upheavals, no bursts of tears, just memories that make my heart sing. You see, it was 29 years ago yesterday that we were married, starting a life changing journey that marched us through ups, downs, laughs, tears, joy, sadness, life and then death. As was your typical… Continue reading The Day After

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Day 2–Three Day Quote Challenge

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” Mitch Albom Tuesdays with Morrie This is my Day 2 quote for the Three Day Quote Challenge for which amanpan nominated me (http://amanpan.com/2016/01/25/day-2-three-day-quote-challenge/).  I’m grateful to be included in this challenge and thank you, amanpan. This quote is uplifting, giving permission to honor, retain, and think about a relationship that we… Continue reading Day 2–Three Day Quote Challenge