I Don’t Like Her Ways

I’ve been thinking about how often I have misjudged someone. It’s difficult to change my mind, so once I have formed an opinion about someone, I don’t want to give it up and admit I didn’t know what I thought I did. That may be the problem with the woes of the world right now.… Continue reading I Don’t Like Her Ways

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Ah, Back to Laziness

Taxes have been filed, for most of us, and that means spring is really here and summer is on its way. I’ve always taken a deep breath after I’ve filed my tax return, relief flooding through my veins like a cold gulp of iced tea on a hot day. A burden has been lifted, or… Continue reading Ah, Back to Laziness

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I’m Traveling to Where?

Finally, I’m off on my travels to our southern neighbor, that would be Mexico in case  you are wondering which neighbor I’m referencing. My sis and I are renting a home in San Miguel de Allende for several months  and it is wonderful to be on our way, after weeks of planning and preparing for… Continue reading I’m Traveling to Where?