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Dog Walking is a Challenge

Walking my dogs is more than a little challenging in San Miguel, it is downright dangerous if you are half crippled and have canines that do not understand the word ‘heel’. Taking these two on a trip around town is called ‘insanity’ in the world of humans, but it is known as ‘pee on every… Continue reading Dog Walking is a Challenge

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Thing One, Thing Two

Someone asked me what I do all day, and I said ‘nothing’. I not only didn’t immediately respond, but when I did that was my answer: Nothing. Meaning, I don’t have plans or schedules, or if I do I attempt to limit them to one a day. When talking with other ex-pats about this I… Continue reading Thing One, Thing Two

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Granddad’s Rules for Walking

On my daily walks with my Grandfather, he would instruct me in the ways of proper strolling for men and women. For instance, the man always walked on the outside of the street, thus protecting the woman from messy splashes from passing traffic, and from garbage that was often thrown out 2nd story windows onto… Continue reading Granddad’s Rules for Walking