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Old and New, Not Borrowed or Blue

I found some examples of old and new in my archives to fit into the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge. See much more at A new baby goose swims with older mentors.                         A new friend formal an old dog            … Continue reading Old and New, Not Borrowed or Blue

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My Next Dog will be My Age

I wrote this post just before Chico was ripped from my life a week ago, and I had no idea I would be facing the prospect of acquiring another canine companion. I changed the perspective to past tense to fit the current situation. A friend wrote after reading my column about the new intrusion in… Continue reading My Next Dog will be My Age

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I’ll See You In My Dreams

Is this an ending or a beginning, or both? Waving goodbye to family members backing out of my driveway, I felt the tension and relief ooze from my shoulders and back. Must be the way that last dollop of toothpaste feels when it’s squeezed from a rolled and twisted tube. Starting with the death of… Continue reading I’ll See You In My Dreams

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Window Guard–Monday Window Challenge

         My contribution to this week’s Monday Window Challenge.              I tried to introduce myself to this window guard, but he           wasn’t interested in my friendly overtures!